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One Researcher’s Plan to Broadside Known Windows Tech Support Scammers

2016 saw a lot of different types of scams prey on unsuspecting users. Some achieved greater prevalence than others. One of those was the tech support scam, a ruse where a fraudster calls a victim while impersonating a customer support representative from a well-known technology company. They tell the victim their computer is infected with malware and that t
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Taking a Look at the Real British Social Engineers

I have a love/hate affair with the term ‘Social Engineer.’ To me, this is the most professional and committed ‘job’ I have ever had. It has required training and endless education, and it has changed my life in nearly every aspect.But for some, the term is used for when a free warranty deal is obtained or a loved one is tricked into exposing a secret.Take a
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How to avoid tech support scams

Tech support scams come in many different forms and can be hard to detect. Following these simple steps from We Live Security will help you recognise and avoid them. The post How to avoid tech support scams appeared first on We Live Security.
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