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Scope of FBI’s National Security Letters Revealed by Lifted Gag Order

The scope of the FBI’s national security letters (NSL) has been revealed by a lifted gag order on a man who fought against compliance for 11 years.On Monday, the United States District Court – Southern District of New York permitted the filing of a NSL received by Nicholas Merrill, founder of Calyx Internet Access, back in 2004. He has refused to
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Twitter sues US federal agencies in attempt to remove the gag around surveillance

Twitter doesn't want its transparency report to be fuzzy to the point of meaninglessness, full of "broad, inexact ranges" about how many times the US government has shaken the company down in its surveillance operations, it says - or example, by counting them to the nearest thousand.So on Tuesday, Twitter sued the Feds over the surveillance laws they're usin
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Civil liberties advocates, bookstores, publishers sue to stop anti revenge porn law

Those seeking to outlaw revenge porn in the US are now battling a coalition of free-speech advocates who claim the existing laws were thrown together so shabbily, they could arguably be used to criminalize a host of non-vengeful innocents who handle nude images: libraries, booksellers, college professors or breastfeeding educators, for example. The plaintiff
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