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pfSense Firewall Configuration Audit with pfAudit

pfSense is a very popular free and open source firewall solution. It does not only provide classic firewall services but has plenty of features like VPN server or can offer DNS, DHCP, proxy services… and many more. pfSense is also proposed by some companies as a commercial service with support. That’s why it is used in many organisations. Abo
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Why is it called a firewall?

Firewalls have become a standard aspect of internet security. There’s one built into your home WiFi router for instance, and your computer may use one too. But how did a relatively boring technology get such a cool name? Why is it called a firewall? A name stolen from the construction industry Firewalls have existed for many years, long before the Internet b
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30 Ransomware Prevention Tips

Dealing with the aftermath of ransomware attacks is like Russian roulette. Submitting the ransom might seem like it’s the sole option for recovering locked data. But paying the ransom doesn’t mean that your organization will get its affected data back.Let’s not forget that ransomware also continues to evolve as a threat category. Beginning in late November 2
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Cisco fixes 5 critical flaws that could allow router firewall takeover

Cisco addresses a critical remote code execution (RCE), authentication bypass, and static default credential flaws that could lead to full router takeover. Cisco has released security updates to address critical remote code execution (RCE), authentication bypass, and static default credential vulnerabilities affecting multiple router and firewall devices.
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APTs will exploit Palo Alto Networks’s PAN-OS flaw soon, US Cyber Command says

U.S. Cyber Command believes foreign APTs will likely attempt to exploit the recently addressed flaw in Palo Alto Networks’s PAN-OS firewall OS. Recently Palo Alto Network addressed a critical vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2020-2021, affecting the PAN-OS operating system that powers its next-generation firewall. The flaw could allow unauthenticated n
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Palo Alto Networks fixes a critical flaw in firewall PAN-OS

Palo Alto Networks addressed a critical flaw in the PAN-OS of its next-generation firewalls that could allow attackers to bypass authentication. Palo Alto Networks addressed a critical vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2020-2021, in the operating system (PAN‑OS) that powers its next-generation firewalls that could allow unauthenticated network-based attackers
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What Is a DDoS Attack?

After 20 years of prominence, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks may be causing more devastating effects than ever. The first DDoS attack occurred way back on July 22, 1999 when a network of 114 computers infected with a malicious script called Trin00 attacked a computer at the University of Minnesota, according to MIT Technology Review. The infect
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FTP Injection flaws in Java and Python allows firewall bypass

The two programming languages, Java and Python, are affected by serious FTP Injection flaws that can be exploited by hackers to bypass any firewall. Attackers can trick Java and Python applications to execute rogue FTP commands that would open ports in firewalls The unpatched flaws reside in the way the two programming languages handle File Transfer Protocol
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Football and Firewalls: A Winning Game Plan to Improve Network Security

As we approach Thanksgiving in the U.S., the one thing I look forward to the most — aside from turkey and spending time with my family — is football. As I watch the games, the security geek in me can’t help but notice some parallels between football and network security, particularly firewalls and intrusion prevention. Network Security Playbook During
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Experts disclosed a critical flaw in Schneider Industrial Firewalls

CyberX experts at the SecurityWeek’s 2016 ICS Cyber Security Conference disclosed a critical flaw in the Schneider Industrial Firewalls. This week, at the SecurityWeek’s 2016 ICS Cyber Security Conference, researchers at industrial security firm CyberX disclosed several important vulnerabilities. The experts demonstrated how hackers can target ICS systems an
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Going Beyond the Firewall to Tackle Today’s Cyberthreats

Firewalls are staples of network security, and for years, they’ve played a part in keeping networks safe by restricting both incoming and outgoing network traffic. Along with antivirus software, they are among the oldest and most widely used cybersecurity tools.But what role should firewalls play in 2016 and beyond? One thing is clear: even though they’ve ev
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Firepower NGFW Steps up to Deliver Greater Effectiveness with Reduced Costs and Complexity

Full NGFW integration yields streamlined security and greater value from investmentsWe know that security, when done properly, can be a business enabler. But as IT teams build out their security capabilities, the lack of integrated solutions yields lower threat effectiveness and inevitably leads to an explosion of complexity and cost.When Cisco developed the
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Introducing Cisco Firepower 4100 Series Next-Generation Firewall

Enable Digital Business with the Industry’s First Fully Integrated, Threat-Focused NGFWToday’s world is undergoing digital disruption that will spark more connectivity than ever before, as consumers, businesses and governments leverage digitization to drive innovation forward. Yet, the more connected we become, the more opportunities we create for cybercrimi
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Audit shows Department of Homeland Security 6 billion U.S. Dollar firewall not so effective against hackers

A multi-billion U.S. Dollar firewall run by the Department of Homeland Security meant to detect and prevent nation-state hacks against the government functions ineffectively, according to a sanitized version of a secret federal audit. The National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS), also known as EINSTEIN, is a firewall r
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Threat-Focused NG-Firewall – Who Cares? Part 2

This is Part 2 of our blog series about NG-Firewalls. See Part 1 here.Part 2: Enter Threat-Focused NG-FirewallWhat does a Threat-focused NG-Firewall do differently? Just about everything. Let’s compare the most popular NGFW systems on the market (typical NGFW) with the Cisco Firepower NG-Firewall system, (a Threat-Focused NG-Firewall).If you consider the typ
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