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Magnitude EK Malvertising Campaign Adds Fingerprinting Gate

When it comes to malvertising, the Angler exploit kit is almost always the weapon of choice used by cyber criminals to push out malware onto their victims. As we’ve seen in many high profile cases recently, these attacks are also more sophisticated and use fingerprinting, a technique to weed out non genuine victims, directly served by the fraudulent ad
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A Look Into Malvertising Attacks Targeting The UK

We recently stumbled upon a malvertising incident on a large British newspaper site which we decided to investigate in greater details. As with many attacks we have found lately, the line between legitimate advertisers and rogue ones is getting finer and finer. Indeed, in many cases ad networks simply cannot tell them apart without actual proof of malicious
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Operation Fingerprint: A Look Into Several Angler Exploit Kit Malvertising Campaigns

Malicious advertising, also known as malvertising, has become the best method to distribute malware on a global scale with surgical precision. Simply put, malvertising is a means to expose innocent users visiting legitimate websites to malware via a rogue advert. Leveraging the extensive user profiling available to advertisers, cybercriminals are able to tar
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How to clear out cookies, Flash cookies and local storage

This quick fix will show you how to clear out cookies and the cookie-like things that can be used to track you online.If you already know what cookies are all about then you can skip the next bit and go straight to the instructions.Why cookies are importantCookies are very small pieces of information given to your web browser by the sites you visit. Your bro
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Clear Your Cookies? You Can’t Escape Canvas Fingerprinting

So tracking is getting even trickier, it seems canvas fingerprinting would work in any browser that supports HTML5 and is pretty hard to stop as a user, as it’s a basic feature (a website instructing your browser to draw an image using canvas).And it turns out, every single browser will draw the image slightly differently, so they can track you regardl
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