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The total potential loss for financial services globally is estimated at £8 billion

Researchers at ThreatMetrix observed that online financial services and lending companies were the most targeted by crooks in 2016. Online financial services, lending companies, and alternative payment systems are privileged targets of threat actors. According to the researchers at the security firm ThreatMetrix, the number of cyber attacks against online le
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Financial Industry Mobile Threats: How Banking Opportunity Meets Attack Liability

Financial companies see mobility as a competitive frontier for their business, and rightfully so. A superior mobile experience now does more to differentiate a bank than 1000 physical branches. As we’ve said before, killer banking apps are valuable assets to financial institutions, as customers expect to handle almost every aspect of managing money on the go
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Industries Confront Cyber Warfare

Many industries are rallying to improve their cyber security postures. When I observe these rally cries, I hear the lyrics to a Twisted Sister song: “We’re not gonna to take it … anymore!” As the headlines increase with data breaches, the fighting instinct grows more to address the out of control issue of data breaches.Industries are coming together to shar
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Scottrade Breach Affects 4.6 Million Customers

Discount brokerage firm Scottrade began firing off emails late last week, warning customers that as a result of a breach, their names and street addresses may have been stolen from its system.Scottrade’s statement on the incident, published on its site last Thursday doesn’t exactly rule out that more sensitive information, such as users’ So
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Financial Services Threat Landscape: Where’s the Money?

Where’s the money? One would think the obvious answer is in the bank. While not always physically true, it is technically accurate. For our purposes, being technically true in the financial services industry is all that matters. John Dillinger, a famous bank robber, once said, “All my life I wanted to be a bank robber. Carry a gun and wear a mask
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Corporate Espionage Risk Management For Financial Institutions

In the financial industry, business success and sustainability depends on the health of information systems. Damage to a firm’s information systems can tarnish its reputation, compromise its data, as well as result in legal fines and penalties. Large firms often depend on thousands of such systems interconnected via the internet, which raises a major securit
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Report: Financial Firms Significantly Lack Rapid Threat Remediation

According to a recent analysis, financial firms can take up to 176 days to remediate a known security vulnerability – a significant time lag compared to other industry verticals.Conducted by New York-based security company NopSec, the 2015 State of Vulnerability Risk Management (PDF) study revealed that the typical organization continues to face remediation
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Retailers Demand Federal Cybersecurity Legislation, Financial Services Firms Fire Back

In a letter addressed to Congressional leaders of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, dozens of retail groups across the United States demanded the implementation of federal data protection legislation that would establish clear guidelines for businesses in the event of a breach.Signed by 44 state and national organizations representing retaile
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