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PSD2 – Mandatory Account Access for Third Party Providers

On September 14th the final deadline of complying with the new Payment Service Directive PSD2 will be reached. Among other things, this directive will bring quite a few technical challenges for credit institutions. These include new requirements on two-factor authentication and API access for third parties. In this blog post we will give a short overview of
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Expert discovered online data belonging to the trading firm AMP

Security expert Chris Vickery reported a data breach at online trading firm AMP that exposed customer credit reports, and Social Security numbers. The popular security expert Chris Vickery has discovered a new data breach that affected the AMP online trading firm that exposed thousands of files, including credit reports, passport scans, and customer chat log
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Study Finds Finance, HR Staff Pose Biggest Security Risks to the Enterprise

According to recent research, employees in the finance and human resources departments are seen as the mostly likely to cause a data breach.The study, which polled more than 500 information technology decision makers and 4,000 employees in the US, UK, Germany and Australia, found that nearly half of respondents (46%) believe finance departments pose the bigg
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Banks balance security and workflow when encrypting in the cloud

When financial institutions store data in the cloud, they use different kinds of encryption depending on security and workflow requirements, according to a new report from CipherCloud.Of 50 major global financial institutions studied, 40 percent use tokenization for highly sensitive personally identifiable information, 15 percent for less sensitive finance d
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The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Thursday, July 2

Want an IPv4 address? Get in lineCould IPv6’s day be near? The stockpile of unused IPv4 addresses in North America has fallen so low that there’s now a waiting list. On Wednesday, for the first time, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) had to tell an applicant for new Internet addresses to wait. ARIN simply didn’t have any blocks of addresses b
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Don't look now, but ATMs are about to get a cloud makeover

Automated teller machines have been around for decades, but surprisingly few changes have been made to the technologies that run them. That’s about to change.NCR on Wednesday rolled out new software that will transform ATMs to use the cloud with Android and a thin-client model of computing. The result, it says, will be a big boost in security as well as dram
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Insider Theft affects a tenth of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Clients

Insider theft at Morgan Stanley affected nearly the ten percent of the company’s wealth management clients, the company officially confirmed the incident. The financial services company Morgan Stanley has confirmed a partial client data leak, the incident was confirmed by the firm in a statement published on its website.
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Scammers pose as company execs in wire transfer spam campaign

Symantec has recently seen a spam campaign involving fake wire transfer request emails. While this technique is not new, and has had some coverage in the press this year, we have seen an increase in this type of spam recently.The purpose of this type of email is very simple—to get the recipient to process a payment for non-existent goods or servi
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