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Analyzing the Fileless, Code-injecting SOREBRECT Ransomware

by Buddy Tancio (Threats Analyst) Fileless threats and ransomware aren’t new, but a malware that incorporates a combination of their characteristics can be dangerous. Take for instance the fileless, code-injecting ransomware we’ve uncovered—SOREBRECT, which Trend Micro detects as RANSOM_SOREBRECT.A and RANSOM_SOREBRECT.B. We first encountered SOREBRECT durin
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Fileless Infections: An Overview

To date, there are a number of so-called fileless infections. By fileless infections or fileless malware, we are referring to an infection or malware that does not write any files to the infected system’s hard drive. By leaving as little traces behind as possible, malware authors try to postpone detection by security vendors for as long as possible. Which is
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Without a Trace: Fileless Malware Spotted in the Wild

Improvements in security file scanners are causing malware authors to deviate from the traditional malware installation routine. It’s no longer enough for malware to rely on dropping copies of themselves to a location specified in the malware code and using persistence tactics like setting up an autostart feature to ensure that they continue to run. Se
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