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Safe Browsing Scam: From Amazon to Rackspace

Tech support scammers are a very unique type of online criminals who traditionally were never as sophisticated as malware authors. For the most part, they really didn’t need to be since even a quickly put together scary webpage with some audio background would suffice to con victims. While this dirty business was poorly organized in the beginning, in r
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PUPs Masquerade as Installer for Antivirus and Anti-Adware

Author’s Note: We at Malwarebytes continue to do our part in educating our product users and constant blog readers about day-to-day online threats and how they can avoid falling prey to them. “PUP Friday”, our latest attempt at getting users acquainted with files they may need to watch out for in the Wild Web, offers an in-depth look at som
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Comcast Customers Targeted In Elaborate Malvertising Attack

With the holiday season here, we are seeing a rise in online scams that attempt to trick victims into giving out personal information and extorting money for bogus services. This latest one is particularly sneaky because it starts with an advert on Comcast’s Xfinity search page, the largest provider of cable internet access in the US, which attempts to
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More Replica Automated Mails Lead to Fake Pharma

In a blog post last November, we talked about a replica YouTube notification spam that tells recipients about their “delayed/deferred mails”. If you’re still wondering how a video streaming service can, in some way, notify users of missed emails without providing further context, you’ll find that the individual or group behind this new batch of fake automate
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Facebook Phishers Lure Users with Free Video App

Facebook has once been considered a rival to YouTube, thanks to the introduction of its video feature and news feed that made it easier for any user to upload and watch content from others. Statistics have consistently shown a rise in the viewing and sharing of videos. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has deemed [PDF] videos as the dominant content of the f
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The Road to Black Friday: Stats and Security Tips

With Thanksgiving weekend just a few sleeps away, one can’t help but feel the air charged with a little excitement—perhaps, even a little danger. News outlets, marketers, and retail owners are looking forward to not just the huge deluge of people to brick-and-mortar stores and online shops, but they also anticipate buyer spending to increase yet again this y
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No money, but Pony! From a mail to a trojan horse

In this post, we will take a high and low-level look at the Pony Trojan, delivered through a recent spam campaign. During our case study we showed some malicious samples being distributed in spam campaigns. Using this distribution method, malware is often found attached to the e-mail as either: an executable (also compressed, i.e. zip, rar or cab archive),
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Another Day, Another HMRC Tax Phish…

We could all do with a bit of a tax refund right before the festive season, and wouldn’t you know it – HMRC have helpfully sent me a tax re-calculation to the tune of £496.50! Or, to put it another way, they totally haven’t. Here’s the missive in question: It reads as follows: TAX RETURN RECALCULATION OF YOUR TAX REFUND HMRC 2013
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Fake Daily Mirror Site offers “Facebook Social Media Profits Program”

One of the oldest tricks in the book is a fake news site; throw up some familiar banners, a splash of well worn logos and half a dozen fake links to nowhere and you have a perfect storm of believability and dubious antics. The BBC are popular targets, as we can see from the below fake website / Adobe Flash download combo: On the same lines, fake CNN sites a
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Replica YouTube Automated Mails Lead to Fake Pharma

Recently, we have received several spam messages from our honeypot, claiming to be automated notifications from YouTube. We reckon that whoever is behind this campaign are counting on users who have their YouTube notification settings enabled in order to fall for their tactics. We have showcased below a couple of these emails we received that, although may h
Publish At:2015-11-11 03:00 | Read:17340 | Comments:1 | Tags:Fraud/Scam Alert fake spam youtube

Am I Being Phished?

Phishing emails attempt to acquire your sensitive information – account information or passwords, for example – by masquerading as a legitimate source.  For example, they might pretend to be a friend or a company you deal with – even a charity you support. Here are a couple of examples I received last week – would you be alert enough
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This isn’t the Java I ordered!

On several sites, we have seen reports of popups that look very similar to the one Java used to notify users when the content of a site requires the Java plugin to show the full content. But if we follow this particular prompt we get something completely different called “Media Downloader”. The downloaded file is called setup.exe and is recognized by a few
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Tech Support Scammers Impersonate Apple Technicians

Remote assistance is becoming more and more popular to troubleshoot computer issues without the hassle of bringing the problematic machine to a store. Indeed, from the comfort of your own home you can let a Certified Technician remotely log into your PC and have them fix the issues you are facing. Apple offers a screen sharing service part of its support cen
Publish At:2015-10-21 02:50 | Read:3621 | Comments:0 | Tags:Fraud/Scam Alert Apple fake remote scam tech support scam

Stolen 7-zip bundled with adware?

Recently, we found a popular free software called SevenZip (not to be confused with 7-Zip, a popular open source file archiver) was included in an adware bundler that I would have been very surprised to find it on the system after running the bundler on autopilot. When checking the changes the bundled installer had made, I noticed a familiar icon in the list
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Tech Support Scam Asks for Passkey

There are countless variations on tech support scam pop ups ranging from different colours, sounds, and of course alarming – but fake – messages. This one is no different, building upon an existing scam template the crooks added a new ‘feature’. Instead of the constant barrage of pop ups that some browsers will eventually block as ove
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