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Gambling Apps Sneak into Top 100: How Hundreds of Fake Apps Spread on iOS App Store and Google Play

By Todd Han and Junzhi Lu (Mobile Threats Analysts) Google Play and iOS App store are no strangers to fake apps trying to trick users into downloading ad- or malware-ridden versions. We have previously reported on fake Android voice apps on Google Play, which were observed to be impostor apps for voice messenger platforms. Recently, we also uncovered counter
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Cybercrime’s Most Wanted: Four Mobile Threats that Might Surprise You

It’s hard to imagine a world without cellphones. Whether it be a smartphone or a flip phone, these devices have truly shaped the late 20th century and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But while users have become accustomed to having almost everything they could ever want at fingertips length, cybercriminals were busy setting up shop. To tri
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Fake Apps Take Advantage of Super Mario Run Release

Earlier this year, we talked about how cybercriminals took advantage of the popularity of Pokemon Go to launch their own malicious apps. As 2016 comes to a close, we observe the same thing happening to another of Nintendo’s game properties: Super Mario. The Super Mario franchise has been a key part of Nintendo’s video game business, with multiple
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Fake apps, identity theft, and 7 tips to keep your data safe this holiday shopping season

If the twinkle lights on trees and the familiar tunes of carols emanating from coworkers’ earbuds haven’t given it away already: we’ve officially entered holiday shopping season. This means you may be likely to use your mobile device to purchase presents for your family and friends. It’s more important than ever to be vigilant while making purchases on your
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Operation Emmental Revisited: Malicious Apps Lock Users Out

Imagine getting a notification from your bank, asking for your cooperation in installing an updated version of their mobile app. After downloading the app, it asks for administrator privileges. The notification you received said it would indeed prompt the question and so you allowed it. You try the app out and it works fine. You were even able to do a transa
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Mobile Malware Gang Steals Millions from South Korean Users

Today we’re releasing our research paper on the operations of the Yanbian Gang—a Chinese cybercriminal group that use mobile malware to siphon off money from account holders of South Korean banks. They are able to transfer up to US$1,600 worth of local currency from victims’ accounts every single day since 2013. This investigation is the result of our
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