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Facebook sues Namecheap to protect people from domain name fraud

Facebook has filed a lawsuit against domain registrar Namecheap and its Whoisguard privacy protection service over fraudulent domains Facebook announced this week that it has filed a lawsuit against domain registrar Namecheap and its Whoisguard privacy protection service because it has refused to provide information on a series of fraudulent domains. Frau
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Scam Banking on Roller Coaster Disaster Seen in the Wild

In case you’re looking out for current Facebook phishing campaigns, we may have one for you. click to enlarge (Shocking Video) 17 Dead in a roller coaster accident! Warning: Due to Graphic Content, Viewer Discretion is ADVISED! Please select the Verify Button and Share to confirm you are over 18. Select the pay button below and verify you are o
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A new Facebook scam in the wild aims to steal sensitive data

A new Facebook scam in the wild that aim to steal sensitive data proposing a “Facebook Recovery” Accounts that share malicious links. It’s not new that Facebook it’s the perfect place to try to get precious information and financial gain since it aggregates many people, crossing all generations. The popular social networ
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Scams Within Facebook Press On, Use “Facebook for Business” Hook

Following up on our previous blog post about rogue Facebook Recovery accounts floating around within the said social network, it appears that such accounts, or possibly others claiming to be Facebook Security “officers”, were sending “Your account will be deleted” or “Your account will be banned” messages to users, eliciti
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“Facebook Recovery” Accounts Share Phishing Link, Offer Tech Support

We’ve seen a certain j.mp shortened URL being shared by what we believe are rogue (if not compromised) accounts within Facebook a couple of days ago. In the below sample we recovered, the URL in question is part of a message from another account called “Facebook recovery”—a truly fake one, if I may add—that is up to task of notifying users
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AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ 8501 : Cyber Criminals use missing Flight QZ 8501 mystery as Bait

After the Mysterious Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 incident in March 2014 and the shooting of Malaysia Airline Flight MH17 by a ground-to-air missile in July 2014, yesterday AirAsia flight QZ 8501 with 162 people on board found missing by the time it flew from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore after losing contact with air traffic control due to
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'Facebook To Begin Charging Users $2.99 / Month' — Totally BULLSHIT!

Facebook going to charge users per month?? Nobody expected such a news story this week, but it seems that Facebook will No longer be a Free Service, according to reports claimed by the National Report, "Facebook To Begin Charging Users $2.99/mo Starting November 1st", which turns out fake. Thank God !! This new report is circulating via social media which cl
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Win Apple's iPhone 6 For Free – A New Facebook Scam

Apple's iPhone 6 FREE ? Of course not ! It’s only a hoax, but scammers have announced the just release iPhone 6 free.Another Facebook scam is circulating across the popular social networking website just days after Apple unveiled its upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as scammers take advantage of all the hype and use them to lure Facebook users.THRE
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Celebrity’s “Final Words” Fake Video Leads to PUP

Exactly a week ago, Raphael Joseph De Mesa Eigenmann, a Filipino actor famously known as Mark Gil, died of cancer, and Facebook scammers have used a so-called video of his last words to perpetuate unwanted applications. If you see the below post appear on your Facebook feed, whether it came from an acquaintance, a close friend, or a relative, we urge you to
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Sick Facebook Scammers Exploit Robin Williams' Suicide

Scammers spare no incident to target as many victims as possible, and this time they are exploiting the tragic death of comic actor Robin Williams by offering the fake Facebook videos proclaiming a Goodbye video message that Williams made before his death.According to Symantec, this fake Facebook post, which you may see on your walls shared by your Facebook
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