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A week in security (January 20 – 26)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we reported on a Ryuk ransomware attack on The Tampa Bay Times, a newspaper in Florida; unmasked an elaborate browser locking scheme behind the more advanced tech support operations that are currently active; and looked at the latest laws on regulating deepfakes. Other cybersecurity news Cisco’s Talos Intelligence Group
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Scam Banking on Roller Coaster Disaster Seen in the Wild

In case you’re looking out for current Facebook phishing campaigns, we may have one for you. click to enlarge (Shocking Video) 17 Dead in a roller coaster accident! Warning: Due to Graphic Content, Viewer Discretion is ADVISED! Please select the Verify Button and Share to confirm you are over 18. Select the pay button below and verify you are o
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“Facebook Recovery” Accounts Share Phishing Link, Offer Tech Support

We’ve seen a certain j.mp shortened URL being shared by what we believe are rogue (if not compromised) accounts within Facebook a couple of days ago. In the below sample we recovered, the URL in question is part of a message from another account called “Facebook recovery”—a truly fake one, if I may add—that is up to task of notifying users
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