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Facebook hoaxes back in the spotlight – what to tell your friends

byPaul DucklinAt the risk of giving you a feeling of déjà vu all over again……it’s time to talk about Facebook hoaxes once more.Looking at the Naked Security articles that people have not only searched for but also read in large numbers over the past few days tells us that we’re in what you might call a “market uptick” for
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A week in security (June 8 – 14)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked into nasty search hijackers that worried a lot of Chrome users; a list of considerations for MSPs when looking for an RMM platform; the complaint faced by ParetoLogic, the company that issues SpeedyPC, a product that claims to find and remove various PC errors; and a ransomware attack that affected car manufacturers
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Facebook labels ‘state-controlled’ Russian, Chinese, Iranian media

byLisa VaasFacebook last week began slapping “state controlled” labels on media outlets that it’s determined are under the thumb of a government.With the labels, Facebook is enacting a policy it announced in October. That’s when the platform introduced new election security measures, including a promise to increase transparency by sho
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When the coronavirus infodemic strikes

Social media sites are stepping up their efforts in the war against misinformation… specifically, the coronavirus/COVID-19 infodemic. There’s a seemingly endless stream of potentially dangerous misinformation flying around online related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that could have fatal results.It’s boomtown in fake-news land riding high on the wave
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The passwordless present: Will biometrics replace passwords forever?

When it comes to securing your sensitive, personally identifiable information against criminals who can engineer countless ways to snatch it from under your nose, experts have long recommended the use of strong, complex passwords. Using long passphrases with combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols that cannot be easily guessed has been the de facto sec
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Facebook to alert us if we’ve been exposed to fake coronavirus news

byLisa VaasHas somebody on Facebook tried to convince you that drinking bleach cures COVID-19?If you’ve had that kind of dangerous misinformation coughed up at you on the platform and have liked, reacted or commented on it, expect to start seeing messages in your newsfeed alerting you and letting you know that Facebook has since removed the effluvium.O
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267 Million Facebook identities available for 500 euros on the dark web

Over 267 million Facebook profiles are offered for sale on dark web sites and hacker forums, the dump is offered for £500 ($623) and doesn’t include passwords. Hackers are offering for sale over 267 million Facebook profiles for £500 ($623) on dark web sites and hacker forums, the archive doesn’t include passwords. Early March, the security
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NSO CEO claims Facebook wanted NSO surveillance tool to spy on users

A new shocking revelation comes from the disputed from NSO Group and Facebook, NSO CEO claims Facebook tried to buy an Apple spying software in 2017. Reading this post you could have a better idea of the value of your privacy. In October 2019, WhatsApp sued the Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group accusing it of carrying out malicious attacks against it
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How social media platforms mine personal data for profit

It’s almost impossible not to rely on social networks in some way, whether for personal reasons or business. Sites such as LinkedIn continue to blur the line, increasing the amount of social function over time with features and services resembling less formal sites, such as Facebook. Can anyone imagine not relying on, of all things, Twitter to catch up on br
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Facebook Messenger may ban mass-forwarding of messages

byLisa VaasFacebook Messenger may ban mass-forwarding of messages in an effort to lasso the runaway forwarding of COVID-19 fake news and rumors, it confirmed on Sunday.Facebook has done this before when its other messaging services have gone berserk with forwarding hysterical misinformation – misinformation that led to people getting lynched in the fak
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Report calls for web pre-screening to end UK’s child abuse ‘explosion’

byLisa VaasA UK inquiry into child sexual abuse facilitated by the internet has recommended that the government require apps to pre-screen images before publishing them, in order to tackle “an explosion” in images of child sex abuse.The No. 1 recommendation from the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA) report, which was published o
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Australia’s privacy watchdog sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica scandal

Aussie privacy watchdog sues Facebook over alleged “systematic failures” exposing Australians to Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal. Australia’s privacy watchdog, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, sues Facebook for alleged “systematic failures” exposing more than 300,000 Australians to the Cambridge Ana
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Facebook Sued by OAIC for Allegedly Violating Over 300K Aussies’ Privacy

The Office of Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) filed a lawsuit alleging that Facebook violated the privacy of over 300,000 of its Australian users.On March 9, OAIC announced that it had submitted court documents against Facebook. In those materials, it argued that Facebook had improperly protected 311,127 of its Australian users against “This
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Facebook sues Namecheap to protect people from domain name fraud

Facebook has filed a lawsuit against domain registrar Namecheap and its Whoisguard privacy protection service over fraudulent domains Facebook announced this week that it has filed a lawsuit against domain registrar Namecheap and its Whoisguard privacy protection service because it has refused to provide information on a series of fraudulent domains. Frau
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Facebook sues data analytics firm OneAudience over malicious SDK

byLisa VaasFacebook is suing the data analytics firm OneAudience for allegedly developing a malicious, social-media-profile-grabbing software development kit (SDK) and then paying app developers to embed it in their apps.In a complaint filed in California on Thursday, Facebook charged that the polluted apps – which included shopping, gaming and utility
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