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Browser Guard combats privacy abuse, tracking, clickbait, and scammers

In July 2018, we introduced the Malwarebytes Browser Extension, a beta plugin for Firefox and Chrome aimed at delivering a safer, faster, and more private browsing experience. Our extension blocked tech support scams, hijackers, pop-up ads, trackers, and more to keep users secure and free from online harassment. And thanks to our loyal Malwarebytes commu
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Rogue Google Chrome Extension Spies On You

The popular Google Chrome browser has some of the best security tools baked in with features such as Safebrowsing which protects users from malicious websites. By extension, ChromeOS which powers the affordable Chromebooks is indeed one of the safest systems one can get these days. Even though the surface of attack is smaller than that of a typical Windows P
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Instagram Follower Booster Leads to SMS Browser Extension PUP

We’ve seen some Instagram spam claiming to offer up a significant bump in follower numbers, using a site which claims it can top you up with anything from 17 to 9,998 people desperate to see your sandwich photographs. There’s also a “Max” setting, which one hopes and assumes is either 9,999 or infinity. Tough call. Here’s the In
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Password Alert for Chrome, and other Extensions

You’ve probably seen a phish page which looks similar to the below at some point in your life: There’s multiple targets on display, but Gmail is often the default account asked for whenever a multi-headed phish such as the above comes around. That’s before we mention the huge slice of Google specific phish pages out there in the wild. Well
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Discovering who is tracking your emails with UglyEmail

UglyEmail Chrome extension could help Google users to discover which are the companies on the web that track their email messages. Even if the following names don’t ring you a bell, companies like Yesware, Bananatag, and Streak are aware of your existence, to be more specific, they know when you open e-mail sent by one of thei
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SuperFish AdWare found inside X-Notifier browser extension code.

You probably already heard about SuperFish around the web, an adware that Lenovo pre-installed on its computers since mid-2014. The danger does not reside inside the adware itself, that basically just injects some advertisment inside user web searches, but in the fact that, in order to handle HTTPS search engines ( Google ), it installs a root CA on the comp
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