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Stegano campaign exposed millions netizens via attack code in pixels of ads banners

Stegano campaign – Millions of people visiting major websites may have been infected with malicious code that was embedded in pixels of the ads banners. A single pixel could be used to compromise your PC, millions of people visiting major websites over the past months may have been infected with malicious code that was embedded in pixels of the ads ban
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CryptoLuck Ransomware spread through the RIG-E Exploit Kit

CryptoLuck ransomware is a new strain of malware discovered by the researcher Kafeine, that is being distributed via the RIG-E exploit kit. The notorious researcher Kafeine has spotted a new strain of ransomware dubbed CryptoLuck. The malware leverages DLL hijacking and exploits the legitimate GoogleUpdate.exe executable to infect computers. The ransomware a
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CryptoLuck Ransomware Infects Victims Using Signed GoogleUpdate.exe

A new ransomware called “CryptoLuck” is infecting victims via a legitimate, code-signed program from Google known as “GoogleUpdate.exe.”Security researcher Kafeine spotted the RIG-E (Empire) exploit kit distributing CryptoLuck via malvertising. It’s not the first time they’ve detected an exploit kit campaign distributing r
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Bizarro Sundown Exploit Kit Distributing Locky Ransomware via ShadowGate

The Bizarro Sundown exploit kit is spreading two versions of Locky ransomware via the still-active ShadowGate malvertising campaign.In October, Trend Micro spotted two versions of Bizarro Sundown, a modification of the earlier Sundown exploit kit which rose to prominence with RIG following Neutrino’s demise.The first iteration reared its ugly head at t
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RIG Exploit Kit the Final Destination of HookAds Malvertising Campaign

The HookAds malvertising campaign redirects users to a landing page for the RIG exploit kit that comes prepackaged with all types of baddies.HookAds, which got its name from a string found by Malwarebytes researchers in the delivery URL, works as follows.A malvertising chain redirects visitors to adult websites that sometimes generate millions of views a mon
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RIG Exploit Kit Begins Distributing CrypMic Ransomware After ShadowGate Takedown

On June 7, 2016, the Angler exploit kit all of a sudden disappeared. It’s unclear exactly what led to Angler’s demise, but all reports indicate the exploit kit shut down after Russian authorities arrested 50 members of a hacker group that developed Lurk malware along with Angler.So, what did the exploit kit world do in response? It did what it al
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Survey: Only 34% of IT Pros ‘Very Confident’ They Could Recover from Ransomware

Ransomware is having quite the year. According to the FBI, crypto-malware authors extorted more than 200 million USD from users in the first three months of 2016. They’re well on their way to raking in over one billion dollars by the end of the year.Part of the reason ransomware developers are doing so well, the FBI explains in a letter, is because the
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Exploit kit traffic drops by 96% since April, what is happening?

The exploit kit landscape is rapidly changing,the Angler and Nuclear EK disappeared and overall malicious traffic drops by 96% since April. As highlighted by security experts the threat landscape is in continuous evolution, despite the criminal underground was monopolized by Angler and Nuclear exploit kits for several years other EKs represent a serious thre
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Drive-by Ransomware Infection in the Wild

  Cyphort Labs discovered a number of sites infected by Angler Exploit kit used to spread ransomware in drive-by infections. Some of these sites are highly ranked on the Alexa list, like yourstory.com, where the exact same ransom note was displayed and the same encryption of remote files over smb took place. This article is meant to detail how these inf
Publish At:2016-04-19 06:20 | Read:7920 | Comments:0 | Tags:exploit kit Malvertising Ransomware

Top Alexa Web Site Spreads Locky Ransomware

On Friday Apr 6 2016, at 07:18:59 PDT, Cyphort Labs discovered that yourstory.com was infected with an exploit kit and was serving Locky ransomware. In this drive-by infection, the malware was encrypting the victim’s files as well as any file it could reach over file shares. A ransom note would then open on screen instructing the victim to pay up in bi
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Nuclear EK Leveraged In Large WordPress Compromise Campaign

Security company Sucuri recently noted a spike in WordPress infections, with a large number of sites getting injected with the same malicious scripts. Hacked websites are often used to host spam or perform malicious redirections to exploit kits and this case is no different. What makes it interesting is the volume and singularities that tie it to the same ca
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Malvertising Campaign via Pop-under Ads Sends CryptoWall 4

We have caught a new malvertising campaign on the PopAds network launching the Magnitude exploit kit via pop-under ads. A pop-under is an ad window that appears behind the main browser window and typically remains open until the user manually closes it. Unsuspecting victims running outdated versions of the Flash Player were immediately infected with the Cryp
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Comcast Customers Targeted In Elaborate Malvertising Attack

With the holiday season here, we are seeing a rise in online scams that attempt to trick victims into giving out personal information and extorting money for bogus services. This latest one is particularly sneaky because it starts with an advert on Comcast’s Xfinity search page, the largest provider of cable internet access in the US, which attempts to
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Catching Up With The ‘EITest’ Compromise, A Year Later

We are seeing dozens of WordPress sites compromised recently with the same malicious code redirecting to the Angler exploit kit. The attack involves conditionally embedded large snippets of code at the bottom of the sites’ source page. It is important to stress this is a conditional injection because webmasters trying to identify the issue may not see
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Blast from the Past: Blackhole Exploit Kit Resurfaces in Live Attacks

The year is 2015 and a threat actor is using the defunct Blackhole exploit kit in active drive-by download campaigns via compromised websites. We noticed Java and PDF exploits collected by our honeypot which we haven’t seen in ages. Looking closer at the structure of this attack, we were surprised when we realized this was the infamous Blackhole. Black
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