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Using iPhones and AirTags to sneak data out of air-gapped networks

Someone has found an extraordinary way to exfiltrate data by piggybacking data on the backs of unsuspecting iPhones. Say what? A researcher has found out that it is possible to upload arbitrary data from non-internet-connected devices by sending Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) broadcasts to nearby Apple devices that will happily upload the data for you. To
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Zero-Day Exploits – Your Days are Numbered! [infographic]

News stories involving zero-day Windows kernel exploits seemingly never end. Fresh examples abound with alarming regularity and devastating effects, often involving defects with a dwell time of many months before they are formally addressed by patch updates. Despite a sustained focus by Microsoft on improving cybersecurity top to bottom, dubious new records
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VERT Vuln School – SQL Injection 102

In continuing our VERT Vuln School series on SQL Injection vulnerabilities, we’re going to take a look at how attackers can leverage this vulnerability to steal and exfilitrate data.Once we views bob’s account balance page, we notice that there’s another input-field that might be of interest, the GET variable “cc”. A common way to test for SQL injection vuln
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