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Trickbot Malware Using Screen Resolution Checks as Anti-VM Tactic

Security researchers spotted Trickbot malware checking the screen resolution as a means of evading analysis on a virtual machine (VM).Digital security firm MalwareLab came across a sample of the trojan that checked to see whether a computer’s screen resolution was either 800×600 or 1024×768. It then terminated if it found that the screen reso
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[SANS ISC] Malicious Excel With a Strong Obfuscation and Sandbox Evasion

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “Malicious Excel With a Strong Obfuscation and Sandbox Evasion“: For a few weeks, we see a bunch of Excel documents spread in the wild with Macro V4. But VBA macros remain a classic way to drop the next stage of the attack on the victim’s computer. The attacker has many ways to fetch the next st
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Zepto Evasion Techniques

We’ve been tracking some more spam dropping Zepto ransomware variants. Like earlier posts, we’re seeing infected attachments with malicious macro scripts used as the entry point for the threat actor. (See images below of some recent spam samples.) As we dig deeper into our analysis, we found out that these macro scripts are not crafted manually.
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Post Office Email Scams Target Denmark, Drop Crypt0l0cker Ransomware

The post office email scam is a time-tested method of attack among malicious actors. Indeed, when users see that they have received an email from an actor purporting to be their local post office, most of them buy into the familiarity of this governmental institution and click on a link without taking the time to inspect the sender address. Attackers further
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Operation Poisoned Hurricane: Lessons for CISOs

The tactics described in “Operation Poisoned Hurricane” should come as a stark reminder that advanced threat actors do not stand still. They continue to refine their tradecraft, finding new and innovative ways to bypass security controls and evade detection. The technical details of the evasion techniques are complex, but the lessons for the CISO are clear:
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