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A week in security (December 5 - 11)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Security advisories are falling short. Here's why, with Dustin Childs: Lock and Code S03E25 Eufy "no cloud" security cameras streaming data to the cloud Snapchat gives Californians more power over their personal data Update now! Emergency fix for Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine zero-day flaw released Hive Social pulls th
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Eufy "no cloud" security cameras streaming data to the cloud

Eufy home security cameras are currently in a spot of trouble as a result of door camera footage. This is because it turns out that data which should not have been going to the cloud was doing so anyway in certain conditions. Securing your home: a complicated proposition Insecure cameras, unprotected cloud footage, streams going where they shouldn&rsquo
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“Those aren’t my kids!” – Eufy camera owners report video mixups

byPaul DucklinUsers of video cameras from home gadget maker Eufy are reporting that their video feeds seem to have been getting mixed up.Apparently, it’s not so much that anyone could sneakily login as user X and snoop on X’s video feed remotely……more a case that sometimes, when existing user X logged in, they ended up looking at Y
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