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Securing the managed service provider (MSP)

Managed service providers (MSPs) have been a boon to midsize enterprise. They allow for offloading technical debt to an agent with the skills and resources to manage it, thereby giving an organization room to focus on growing a business, rather than the particulars of infrastructure. For a long while, third-party service providers were not targeted dire
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How to Increase Transparency and Rebuild Trust After a Data Breach

As more companies suffer breaches and leak private data online, it becomes harder for organizations to be transparent and establish trust with their customers. Recent incidents have shown that many experts underestimated the total impact of a data breach in terms of the actual number of users affected and the volume of data made public. Many companies take t
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It Is Time to Get Serious About Security Theater

In 2009, security consultant and current chief technology officer of IBM Resilient Bruce Schneier wrote about the concept of security theater. “Security theater refers to security measures that make people feel more secure without doing anything to actually improve their security,” he wrote. At the time, there was a lot of fear about information
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Why Blockchain-as-a-Service Should Be on Your Radar

Blockchain news is seemingly everywhere these days, and for good reason. The technology behind bitcoin holds a lot of promise for all sorts of use cases — some of them having nothing to do with digital payments. Over the course of last year, a lot of ideas regarding the technology were tried out, but “during 2017, many of them will be discarded,̶
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Blurred Lines: Make Security Personal

Ever go on a date that seemed to be going well, with lots of conversation flowing? Did you share more than you intended? With mobile devices increasingly becoming an extension to our daily lives, it is easy to forget that all those fleeting comments and idle searches are stored locally or on applications. How could this tiny vessel of knowledge in our pocket
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Perspectives on Securing Mobile and Social Business, 12 Months On

Twelve months ago, we reflected on two of the fastest-growing trends in enterprise operations — mobile and social business computing — and the security concerns associated with each. These technologies seem to be at odds with the traditional security concerns of the enterprise. Today, there is a business desire to increase access to relevant corporate inform
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Loss & Fraud: World Economic Forum cites mobile attacks in its ‘Global Risks Report 2016’

The World Economic Forum is calling for immediate attention to mobile cyberattack in its ‘Global Risks Report’ for 2016 — a recommendation that echoes the rapid adoption of new technologies in business and government agencies and the great need for equal interest in the associated risks and protections. WEF explains: “Although organizations may recog
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Cybersecurity effectiveness will be measured by risk reduction, not technology deployment

Many businesses today begin securing their data with a checkbox. That is, a chief security or information officer is told, “We need to secure X,” thus the goal becomes, “Find a solution to tick the ‘X’ security checkbox.” This is how we measure the security of our information today, by itemizing the technologies we’ve deployed across an organization. Unfor
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The perimeter isn’t going to die, it’s going to spawn

“The perimeter is going to die!” We’ve been hearing the death to blanket firewalls cry from the security industry for years, but we think this might be a little overstated. Instead we believe the perimeter is actually going to be reshaped into something new — micro-perimeters. This is the act of cordoning-off entire sections of their systems in order t
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The InfoSecond, Nov. 30–Dec. 4: Online Holiday Shopping, Cybercrime Trends and a Kitten?

Everyone full from giving thanks and gorging on copious amounts of food over the Thanksgiving break? Excellent. In this episode of the InfoSecond, we’ve got stories about online holiday shopping and the necessary enterprise security behind it, the topfour cybercrime trends in 2015, steps for ensuring safe employee usage of cloud apps, and a kitten? It&
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Holiday Online Shopping a Challenge for Enterprise Security

Online Shopping Rules the Holidays ‘Tis the season for online holiday shopping. Unfortunately, cybercriminals know that this is also the best season for retail-related crimes. Holiday shopping can be frenetic, and online shopping is no exception. Consumers are making more purchases, are busier and are more distracted, which can lead to making security
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What Are the Risks of Legacy Infrastructure?

The vast majority of organizations rely on computing systems to run their operations, but for many, those networks have been built up over a number of years. As a result, many organizations find themselves relying on legacy infrastructure. Maintaining legacy systems can be costly. A recent report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that
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The 4×4 Security Program and Organization: Security Portfolio Prioritization

What Is a Security Portfolio? Every one of the 4×4 security programs I previously described should have a healthy list of activities, projects, communications, education and cadence of activities. These may be internal to the program or driven by external demands. All of these combine to collectively form the security portfolio. With limited resources,
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5 Guidelines in Battling Cyber Criminals Over Precious Business Data

5 Guidelines in Battling Cyber Criminals Over Precious Business Data, lets’s try to understand how to Ensure Enterprise Security. You would think that a company that stores their clients’ money and handles investments would have tight security measures on their system against cyber attacks. Apparently, this is not always
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The Declaration of Mobile Independence and Data Bill of Rights

As I was celebrating the birth of America’s freedom this July Fourth, I sparked a firecracker for the fact that I was able to use my tablet to take a meeting in a place where the Fourth of July is just another day of the week. I was offered a stay of execution from the team, but an hour of my time was a small sacrifice, especially since the entire even
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