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McAfee Up Levels Insights for Customers

Authored by Anand Ramanathan McAfee recently announced MVISION Insights designed to help customers proactively detect, rank and respond quickly and accurately to threats. On top of having to respond to threats that persistently target their companies, security professionals also face another huge challenge – prioritizing what threat information is relevant f
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As Vendors Talk WannaCry, We Want You to Know What You Can Expect from Bromium

As WannaCry went nuts last week and everyone moved quickly to support one another; we all moved on our best intelligence at the time. Because most ransomware is typically delivered via email, website or file, we worked with our customers to make sure their endpoints were protected. One week later, I wanted to take a moment to be absolutely transparent about
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Mobile, Smartphone & BYOD

Owing to the development of mobile devices, people nowadays are overwhelmed by tons of information on the go. Curiously, despite being distracted by this constant flow of information, people are so mesmerized by it that they cannot break free from this lifestyle. Modern life is fast-paced and being mobile is the norm today. Mobile technology gradually
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SecurityIQ Launches Custom Training Module Delivery Feature

InfoSec Institute is excited to announce the immediate availability of custom training module delivery for SecurityIQ users. This new feature allows customers using AwareEd, to quickly upload, manage, deliver, and report on their own custom training modules in addition to the world class training content provided by InfoSec Institute. These custom modu
Publish At:2016-12-13 18:15 | Read:4576 | Comments:0 | Tags:Enterprise Phishing Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Risk Management: Aligning Information Security Activities with the Enterprise

In any organisation, even the most uncomplicated business decisions have their associated risks. Such risks involve people, processes and technology, and they must be systematically identified and addressed on time and on budget.Risk management, as we know, is a process through which the uncertainties around delivering an objective are managed.Information Se
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The Impact of Automation on the IT Security Job Market

The growing influence of automation on daily life is noticeable everywhere. The news is full of job-cut announcements, often justified by automation projects. Self-serve cash registers at supermarkets have become the norm in the west. Physiotherapists pull out exercises for common issues from an automated computer program. These are examples of tasks t
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Enterprises: Only paying attention to big-name hacks? You may be missing the point

Security professionals are more likely to pay attention to breaches if the companies being breached already have recognizable names. Seems like common sense. You see a headline that says, “Target point of sale technology hacked,” you’re much more likely to pay attention than, “Hospital in Kentucky suffers from ransomware attack.” Unless you live in Kentucky
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SecurityIQ Case Study – Westcon Group

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve been writing a lot about security awareness and phishing lately. Our team has been working hard on our SecurityIQ offering and it has been gaining traction with some leading global organizations.It requires no setup to get started and is completely free to try. If you’re curious as to how other
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Now available: The Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security

The Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security is a one-stop shop for enterprise IT teams looking to enable mobile productivity in their organizations, while simultaneously reducing the risks inherent to mobile devices. In it, you’ll get actionable information on every element of mobile security from what threats look like on mobile to how to buy a mobil
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The Cyber Enemy within: Rise of Insider Threat

Around the world, many countries are spending millions of dollars to protect themselves from cyber crime/fraud. Unfortunately, attackers seem to be succeeding in stealing the information and causing harm to the companies. The insider threat is one of the core reasons for their success.There are always some security flaws or backdoors that are used to b
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New Mac OS X Remediation Offering and Forensics Capabilities for Enterprise

At Malwarebytes, our mission is to protect consumers and businesses from the most dangerous cyber threats. Today, we announced a new solution that will dramatically change endpoint detection and response (EDR) for Mac users – a growing target area for hackers. The fact that Mac users are safe from cyber threats is a common misconception. While it’s true that
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Channel bets on mobile security: Lookout & Ingram Micro team up to protect the enterprise

Emerging technologies are not often adopted by the channel, but Lookout’s enterprise mobility solutions have made the cut. Today, Lookout is excited to announce a strategic alliance with channel-heavyweight Ingram Micro, opening the door that connects our products to the customers who need them most even wider. From the start, Lookout has been uniquely dev
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Risky v. Malicious apps: How they’re different & why you need to care about both

There’s a hidden challenge enterprises face when securing mobile devices: some apps that are legitimate and useful in a personal context may introduce a major risk for an enterprise. While it may not be immediately evident, there are in fact two different categories of harmful applications to an enterprise: malicious apps and risky apps. As the person respon
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The Death of the Full Stack Developer

When I got started in computer security, back in 1995, there wasn’t much to it — but there wasn’t much to web applications themselves. If you wanted to be a web application developer, you had to know a few basic skills. These are the kinds of things a developer would need to build a somewhat complex website back in the day: ISP/Service Provide
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How Non-Google experience devices are gaining traction, and posing risk to the enterprise

The mobile ecosystem is moving toward economical smartphones. They are customizable and much more affordable than the $600 plus Android phones you might see on the market. This poses a problem for enterprises which, to date, have relied on the app testing and vetting process applied to Google Experience devices, and the fact that app downloads on these devi
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