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What are SSL certificates?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are what cause your browser to display a padlock icon, indicating that your connection to a websites is secure. Although the padlock may soon be hidden from view, certificates aren’t going anywhere. Let’s start with some definitions and explain some of the terminology. On a strictly technical level, S
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Where Should We Draw the Cyber Blue Line?

What are the limits of online privacy and law enforcement? Can we clearly define them, or is this a vague and blurred area of debate?The fact is that as technology advances, the real and the virtual worlds are increasingly converging. Actions (or inactions) in the cyberspace introduce risks and threats for people, especially the most vulnerable ones, i.e. ch
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Facebook announces WhatsApp end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) backups

Facebook announced it will allow WhatsApp users to encrypt their message history backups in the cloud. Facebook will continue to work to protect the privacy of WhatsApp users and announced that it will allow users to encrypt their message history backups in the cloud. While WhatsApp has already implemented end-to-end encrypion since 2016, the co
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CIS Control 3: Data Protection

For many years, there was a wide misunderstanding that encrypting some data is equivalent to protecting that data. If it’s encrypted, so the thinking goes, nobody else could access it, and it is therefore safe. While it is critical to encrypt data at rest as well as in transit, the job of protecting data goes much deeper. Encryption can mitigate risk from ce
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Zoom and gloom? Video comms org agrees to settle for $85m

Zoom has agreed to an $85m settlement regarding privacy, zoom-bombing, and data sharing. The class action privacy lawsuit filed in the US against the embattled company wasn’t particularly impressed with the following: Zoom-bombing running wild in video sessions. Zoom-bombing, the practice of joining sessions without permission and causing mayhem, exploded
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5 Encrypted Messaging Apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

More and more people communicate via messaging apps, as phone calls are seen as old-fashioned, and email can be too complicated. Messaging has the advantage of being more conversational than email, and more immediate. Unlike in the early days of messaging, such as SMS and AIM, many of today’s messaging apps are secure, with end-to-end encryption prot
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Three Free Secure Email Hosts That Protect Your Data

Email has become commonplace: you can get free email accounts from numerous services, but, as it is often said, if it’s free, then you’re the product. You may have read that, for example, Google has allowed other companies scan mail in Gmail accounts, scraping data for marketers. While the tools used to scan email may simply have been looking t
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We have had backdoors in our smartphones for 20 years

July 23, 2021 6 0 Author: Amanda Johnson We have had backdoors in our smartphones for 20 years Sometime
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Pegasus spyware has been here for years. We must stop ignoring it

On July 18, a group of 17 newspaper and media organizations—aided by Amnesty International’s Security Lab and the research group Citizen Lab—revealed that one of the world’s most advanced and viciously invasive spyware tools had been used to hack, or attempt to hack, into 37 mobile phones owned by human rights activists, journalists, political dissidents, an
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The OSI Model and You Part 6: Stopping Threats at the OSI Presentation Layer

Our travels through the OSI seven layers of networking have shown that each layer has specific weaknesses and angles of attack. In turn, each has its best defenses. Now, we’ve come to the OSI presentation layer. Here translation, encryption and compression all happen. What Is the Presentation Layer? The simplest way to describe the OSI presentati
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Black Kingdom ransomware

Black Kingdom ransomware appeared on the scene back in 2019, but we observed some activity again in 2021. The ransomware was used by an unknown adversary for exploiting a Microsoft Exchange vulnerability (CVE-2021-27065). The complexity and sophistication of the Black Kingdom family cannot bear a comparison with other Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) or Big Ga
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How Good Transaction Security Can Make Customer Visits Easier

Every time I start to put my information into an online form, especially if it’s my credit card number or a banking transaction, I almost always pause. There was a time when I entered customer data without a second thought. Now, with the constant news of breaches and attacks, even those not in the cybersecurity field are now more aware of the risks. A
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Trojan Shield, the biggest ever police operation against encrypted communications

Trojan Shield operation: The FBI and Australian Federal Police ran an encrypted chat platform that was used by crime gangs and intercepted their communications. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Dutch National Police (Politie), and the Swedish Police Authority (Polisen), along with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and police f
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Cloud Security: Why Being Intentional in Encryption Matters

Cloud security and web application security demand technology and practices that protect applications and data hosted remotely. Good old-fashioned data encryption is chief among these. The reasons for encrypting cloud data, of course, are privacy, security and regulatory compliance — all standard for any successful enterprise. At the bottom of all thi
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How to Encrypt and Password Protect Files on Your Mac

To protect your sensitive data, you should use encryption and password protection wherever possible; macOS provides you with a number of ways to implement it. Best of all, you can do this with built-in software and features that are part of macOS. This article covers five areas where you can encrypt or password protect files:Encrypt System Data and Your St
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