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How to protect yourself and your kids against device theft

In no time at all, kids will be going back to school or starting college. And while gearing up for this, it’s very important to be aware of the threat from device loss in the school environment. Maybe you are away at university for the first time and have a new place to live, or maybe your kids have devices they take into school. Whatever the reason, if y
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OpenSSL version 3.0.5 fixes a flaw that could potentially lead to RCE

The development team behind the OpenSSL project fixed a high-severity bug in the library that could potentially lead to remote code execution. The maintainers of the OpenSSL project fixed a high-severity heap memory corruption issue, tracked as CVE-2022-2274, affecting the popular library. This bug makes the RSA implementation with 2048 bit private ke
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City worker loses USB stick containing data on every resident after day of drinking

A person working in the city of Amagasaki, in Western Japan, has mislaid a USB stick which contained data on the city’s 460,000 residents. The USB drive was in a bag that went missing during a reported day of drinking and dining at a restaurant last Tuesday. The person reported it to the police the following day. Data on the USB drive included na
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MEGA claims it can’t decrypt your files. But someone’s managed to…

MEGA, the cloud storage provider and file hosting service, is very proud of its end-to-end encryption. It says it couldn’t decrypt your stored files, even if it wanted to. “All your data on MEGA is encrypted with a key derived from your password; in other words, your password is your main encryption key. MEGA does not have access to your password or
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APT ToddyCat

ToddyCat is a relatively new APT actor that we have not been able to relate to other known actors, responsible for multiple sets of attacks detected since December 2020 against high-profile entities in Europe and Asia. We still have little information about this actor, but we know that its main distinctive signs are two formerly unknown tools that we call &#
Publish At:2022-06-21 06:17 | Read:821 | Comments:0 | Tags:APT reports APT Backdoor Dropper Encryption Malware Descript

ISaPWN – research on the security of ISaGRAF Runtime

In early 2020, we notified the Rockwell Automation Product Security Incident Response Team (RA PSIRT) of several vulnerabilities we had identified in the ISaGRAF Runtime execution environment. According to public sources of information, ISaGRAF Runtime is used as an automation framework in multiple products in various industries across the globe and its use
Publish At:2022-05-23 10:14 | Read:632 | Comments:0 | Tags:Research Controllers Encryption Firmware Industrial control

8 security tips for small businesses

Small businesses and startups are known to face some extra challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. Because they don’t have the size or budget to have a fully-fledged dedicated security team, it often comes down to a smaller staff that doesn’t have the time to do everything that is recommended or even required. Often security issues are just dealt with whe
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What You Need to Know About Data Encryption Right Now

You might feel like you’ve heard these imperatives a million times: “You need to encrypt your data.” “Your information isn’t secure unless you encrypt it.” “You need to eat your fruits and vegetables.” But if you’re like a lot of people, you roll your eyes because you have the good intention of taking ca
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A week in security (January 17 — 23)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: CISA calls for urgent action against critical threatsRed Cross begs attackers to “Do the right thing” after family reunion service compromisedUpdate now! Chrome patches critical RCE vulnerability in Safe BrowsingCombatting SMS and phone fraud: UK government issues guidanceOpen Subtitles breach: The dangers of password reuse
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10 Ways End-to-Encryption Protects Your Data, Your Privacy, and Your Bank Balance

You may not understand how end-to-end encryption works, but you use it all the time. It protects your messages and emails, your purchases and bank transfers, and your access to websites and services. Governments around the world have tried to prohibit end-to-end encryption because they want to be able to listen in on what you say and spy on what you do. In t
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Some Android users can disable 2G now and why that is a good thing

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has happily informed people that Google has quietly pushed a new feature to its Android operating system allowing users to optionally disable 2G at the modem level in their phones. This is beneficial because 2G uses weak encryption between the tower and device that can be cracked in real time by an attacker to inte
Publish At:2022-01-13 12:46 | Read:3163 | Comments:0 | Tags:Android 2G Allow 2G Cell-site simulators EFF encryption andr

From Thanos to Prometheus: When Ransomware Encryption Goes Wrong

IBM Security X-Force researchers have recently reverse-engineered Prometheus ransomware samples as part of ongoing incident response operations. X-Force has found that samples that infected organizational networks featured flawed encryption. This allowed our team to develop a fast-acting decryptor and help customers recover from the attack without a decrypt
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Utopia P2P As Part of the Alt-tech Movement

October 29, 2021 12 0 Author: Adam Torks Utopia P2P As Part of the Alt-tech Movement Today, there are p
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WhatsApp made available end-to-end encrypted chat backups

WhatsApp made available end-to-end encrypted chat backups on iOS and Android to prevent anyone from accessing user chats. WhatsApp is rolling out end-to-end encrypted chat backups on both iOS and Android devices, the move aims at implementing an optional layer of security to protect backups stored on Google Drive or iCloud cloud storage. Currently, Wh
Publish At:2021-10-14 19:36 | Read:3523 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Mobile Security Android encryption Hacking hac

NSA explains how to avoid dangers of Wildcard TLS Certificates and ALPACA attacks

The NSA issued a technical advisory to warn organizations against the use of wildcard TLS certificates and the new ALPACA TLS attack. The National Security Agency (NSA) is warning organizations against the use of wildcard TLS certificates and the new ALPACA TLS attack. A wildcard certificate is a public key certificate that can be used to secure all f
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