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ProtonMail DDoS Attack – Sustained & Sophisticated

So the ProtonMail DDoS Attack – if you’re not familiar ProtonMail is an secure, free, encrypted e-mail service that promises absolutely no compromises. It’s been getting hit hard since November 3rd, with a large scale rather sophisticated set of DDoS attacks rendering it unable to receive or send e-mail.It seems to have mitigated the bulk o
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Signal 2.0 — Free iPhone App for Encrypted Calls and Texts

An open source software group, Open Whisper Systems, has announced the release of Signal 2.0 — the second version of its free and open source messaging application for iPhone and iPad users.Signal app is specifically designed to make secure and easy-to-use encrypted voice calling. But that’s what the application was providing in its previo
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Lavabit founder wants to make “dark” e-mail secure by default

Ladar Levison is probably most well-known to Ars readers as the founder of the secure e-mail service Lavabit, which he shut down in mid-2013 in an effort to avoid being forced to comply with a US government demand to turn over users’ e-mails. But his latest project is a lot grander in scope than a single hosted e-mail service: Levison is attempting, with
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Yahoo to begin offering PGP encryption support in Yahoo Mail service

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Stamos acknowledged that the introduction of encryption will require some amount of education for users to make sure their privacy expectations are set appropriately. For example, he explained that PGP encryption won’t cloak the destination of your e-mail. "We have to make it clear to people it is not [a] secret
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End-to-End Encryption for Yahoo Mail Coming Next Year

Today at Black Hat 2014 hacking conference, Yahoo! Chief Information Security Officer Alex Stamos announced that the company will start giving its consumers the option of end-to-end encryption in its Mail service by next year.Google showed off a PGP-based encryption plugin for Gmail back in June. The Purple-hued company will offer encryption via a modified v
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