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DNA Contains Instructions for Biological and Computer Viruses

University of Washington scientists have created an experiment that shows how DNA can be used to not only create biologic viruses, but also viruses that can infect computers. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is one of the oldest methods for storing information. It is found in almost all living cells and DNA information is used in nature to determine “traits
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Creative Evasion Technique Against Website Firewalls

During one of our recent in-house Capture The Flag (CTF) events, I was playing with the idea of what could be done with Non-Breaking Spaces. I really wanted to win and surely there had to be a way through the existing evasion controls. This post is going to be a bit code-heavy for most end-users, but if you choose to read you’re bound to find it very
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Execute Shellcode, Bypassing Anti-Virus…

Hello, I am going to demonstrate a little trick to allow you to bypass anti-virus and execute shellcode, this is a publicly known trick that I did not discover. The shellcode I am going to use for this example is the common Metasploit Windows Bind TCP shell, however any shellcode can be used, I have simply chosen this one for simplicity. As I’m sure
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