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Creepy? Maybe, but Employee Monitoring is Saving Companies Money

The practice of employee monitoring in the workplace has been evolving and is increasingly present in companies. As of this writing, 15% of companies on the prestigious Fortune 500 list have equipped their offices with tiny sensors created by the company Enlighted, which are used to find out how much time a worker spends at his or her desk, and also the time
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Employee Monitoring, a controversial topic

Employee monitoring is a complex and controversial topic that can often become the source of discontent between employers and their staff. It is not a secret that most employees have a negative opinion about modern monitoring practices, such as PC monitoring. It is often viewed as an invasion of privacy and employer overstepping their authority. From an empl
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Intego Updates Flextivity, Improves Security and Productivity for SMBs

Intego has updated Flextivity to version 1.5 with improvements to device management and network security for businesses. This update offers several new features, including bulk approval of devices for greater efficiency, and improves application firewall rules for better control over network security.According to the National Small Business Association, 40 p
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