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Roblox breached: Internal documents posted online by unknown attackers

A data compromise situation has impacted Roblox Corporation, the developers of the massive smash-hit video game Roblox. An as-yet unknown attacker has breached an employee account, and is in the process of exposing the data they’ve collected. Nobody knows if they’ve exhausted their newly-plundered treasure trove, or if more leaks will follow.
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Email compromise leads to healthcare data breach at Kaiser Permanente

At least 69,000 people have been impacted by a data breach at Kaiser Permanente, a long-running managed healthcare consortium. The latest in a long-running series of healthcare attacks, the road to stolen data began on April 5 this year with an email compromise. The direct path to data A “substitute breach notice” posted June 3 revealed details of t
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Chegg Confirmed Data Breach of Employee Records

American education technology company Chegg confirmed a data breach in which malicious actors stole some of its employee records.As reported by TechCrunch, digital attackers succeeded in stealing 700 records associated with current and former Chegg employees. Those records contained individuals’ personally identifiable information (PII) including their
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70 Percent of Employees Admit Having Unnecessary Access to Confidential Data

A new survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute revealed a growing risk posed by corporations as employees report a lack of control over file access and use of company data.The survey of nearly 2,300 employees in US- and European-based organizations – including end users working in sales, finance, accounting, business operations and corporate IT – found that
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Steve, Employee of the Month

Sometimes the narrative direction your blog post is going to take does a 180, and then spins around a few more times for good measure. When we saw what appeared to be a fake OWA portal asking for username and password info, we were interested. When we saw the same site offering up an executable file after handing over credentials, we were even more intereste
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