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Egregor ransomware hit by arrests

In a collaboration between French and Ukranian law enforcement, arrests have been made that might put a dent in one of the world’s most sophisticated ransomware operations. As reported first by France Inter, law enforcement made the arrests after French authorities traced ransom payments to individuals located in Ukraine. While the arrests have
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Extortion, precision malware, and ruthless scams. Read the State of Malware 2021 report

Last year, threat actors took advantage of the COVID-19 public health crisis in a way previously considered unimaginable, not only preying on uncertainty and fear during the initial months of the global pandemic, but retooling attack methods, reneging on promises, strengthening malware, and extorting victims to the tune of $100 million—and that was without t
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A week in security (December 14 – December 20)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs we kept you updated on the SolarWinds attack, we warned about the special dangers that come with the Christmas season, published a threat profile for the Egregor ransomware, warned how a lead generation scam was targeting potential Malwarebytes MSP partners, and talked about smart toy security. We also posted a follow-up about
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Threat profile: Egregor ransomware is making a name for itself

What is Egregor? Egregor ransomware is a relatively new ransomware (first spotted in September 2020) that seems intent on making its way to the top right now. Egregor is considered a variant of Ransom.Sekhmet based on similarities in obfuscation, API-calls, and the ransom note. As we’ve reported in the past, affiliates that were using Maze ransom
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Egregor Ransomware Strikes Metro Vancouver’s TransLink

The Egregor ransomware gang struck TransLink, the authority responsible for managing Metro Vancouver’s transportation network.On December 1, TransLink announced that certain issues were affecting its phones, online services and payment systems. The authority later confirmed that it had suffered a ransomware attack and that those responsible for the inf
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Egregor Ransomware Attack Hijacks Printers to Spit Out Ransom Notes

So, you’re a ransomware gang and you want to ensure that you have caught the attention of your latest corporate victim.You could simply drop your ransom note onto the desktop of infected computers, informing the firm that their files have been encrypted.Too dull?You could lock infected PCs and display a ghoulish skull on a bright red background (most r
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Maze ransomware gang announces retirement

The threat actors behind Maze ransomware have announced their retirement. On November 1, they posted the retirement announcement on the website where they would normally name and shame their victims that were unwilling to pay the ransom. image courtesy of Graham Cluley “The Project is closed.Maze Team Project is announcing it is officially closed
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Maze Ransomware Gang to Shut Down Operations

Security researchers learned that the Maze digital crime gang is in the process of shutting down its ransomware operations.Bleeping Computer began hearing rumors of the shutdown in early September 2020.In an email conversation, a ransomware attacker told the computer self-help site that the Maze gang had stopped encrypting new victims in September 2020 and t
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