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Spying on satellite internet comms with a $300 listening station

An attacker could use $300 worth of off-the-shelf equipment to eavesdrop and intercept signals from satellite internet communications. The academic researcher James Pavur, speaking at Black Hat 2020 hacking conference, explained that satellite internet communications are susceptible to eavesdropping and signal interception. Attackers could use cheap equip
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Pablo Escobar’s brother sues Apple for $2.6b over FaceTime flaw

byLisa VaasRoberto Escobar’s company has reportedly filed a $2.6 billion lawsuit against Apple for purportedly having lame-o security – security so bad, his address purportedly got leaked through FaceTime and has led to subsequent assassination attempts.According to TNW and TMZ, former accountant and co-founder of the Medellín drug cartel Roberto
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Cybersecurity for journalists: How to defeat threat actors and defend freedom of the press

When you’re a journalist or work for the press, there may be times when you need to take extra cybersecurity precautions—more so than your Average Joe. Whether a reporter is trying to crowd-source information without revealing their story or operating in a country where freedom of the press is a pipe dream, cybersecurity plays an important role for any journ
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Google chief warns visitors about smart speakers in his home

byLisa VaasApparently caught off-guard by a question from the BBC, Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh made up a privacy etiquette rule on the spot last week when he said that yes, homeowners should tell guests that they’ve got smart speakers running in their homes.At any rate, that’s what he does, he said.Here’s his reported response after
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DitM Dog In The Middle – New Hacking Technique to Eavesdropping

During Defcon 25 hacking conference held in Las Vegas on July, a new eavesdropping attack technique was introduced, it was dubbed DitM (Dog In The Middle). During Defcon 25 one of the biggest information security event that took place in Las Vegas on July 27-30 this year, a new eavesdropping attack technique was introduced. At the BioHacking Village’s Pisa R
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76 Popular iOS apps are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks

A study conducted on iOS mobile apps revealed that many of them are affected by security vulnerabilities that expose users to man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks. A new study confirms that dozens of iOS apps are affected by vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers to run man-in-the-middle (MitM) and intercept data from connections even if protected by
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Experts devised a method to capture keystrokes during Skype calls

A group of security experts discovered that the Microsoft Skype Messaging service exposes user keystrokes during a conversation. A group of researchers from the University of California Irvine (UCI) and two Italian Universities discovered that the popular Skype Messaging service expose user keystrokes during a call. The researchers have devised a method to r
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Apple Watches banned from UK cabinet meetings to prevent eavesdropping

The UK Government has decided to ban Apple Watches ban from the Cabinet over foreign eavesdropper fears, in 2013 occurred with the iPad. The political fears cyber espionage, the recent string of cyber attacks against the US Presidential election and the constant pressure of Chinese hackers urge a major awareness on the cyber threats. In 2013, cabinet ministe
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Hackers spied on a US Congressman’s communication abusing the SS7 protocol

Security experts eavesdropped and geographic tracked a US Congressman only using his phone number by abusing the SS7 protocol. Hackers eavesdropped and geographic tracked a US Congressman only using his phone number. Security experts will be no surprised, I wrote many articles on the topic explaining that security flaws in the SS7 protocol could be exploited
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How hackers eavesdropped on a US Congressman using only his phone number

A US congressman has learned first-hand just how vulnerable cellphones are to eavesdropping and geographic tracking after hackers were able to record his calls and monitor his movements using nothing more than the public ten-digit phone number associated with the handset he used.The stalking of US Representative Ted Lieu's smartphone was carried out with his
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Moment of truth: Feds must say if they used backdoored Juniper firewalls

Congressional oversight leaders are requiring most federal agencies to audit their networks to see if they use Juniper-manufactured firewalls that for four years contained an unauthorized backdoor for eavesdropping on encrypted communications.Further Reading“Unauthorized code” in Juniper firewalls decrypts encrypted VPN trafficBackdoor in NetScreen firewalls
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Et tu, Fortinet? Hard-coded password raises new backdoor eavesdropping fears

Less than a month after Juniper Network officials disclosed an unauthorized backdoor in the company's NetScreen line of firewalls, researchers have uncovered highly suspicious code in older software from Juniper competitor Fortinet.Further ReadingJuniper drops NSA-developed code following new backdoor revelationsResearchers contradict Juniper claim that Dual
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Snooping Samsung S6 calls with bogus base stations

A duo of security researchers, Daniel Komaromy of San Francisco and Nico Golde of Berlin, demonstrated how to intercept calls using bogus base stations. PacSec Modern Samsung devices, including the last generation Samsung S6, S6 Edge and Note 4, are vulnerable to phone eavesdropping. A duo of experts, Daniel Komaromy of San Fr
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Don’t count on STARTTLS to automatically encrypt your sensitive e-mails

Researchers have some good and bad news about the availability of secure e-mail. Use of STARTTLS and three other security extensions has surged in recent months, but their failure rate remains high, in large part because of active attacks that downgrade encrypted connections to unencrypted ones.That conclusion, reached in a recently published research paper,
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Breaking 512-bit RSA with Amazon EC2 is a cinch. So why all the weak keys?

The cost and time required to break 512-bit RSA encryption keys has plummeted to an all-time low of just $75 and four hours using a recently published recipe that even computing novices can follow. But despite the ease and low cost, reliance on the weak keys to secure e-mails, secure-shell transactions, and other sensitive communications remains alarmingly h
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