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FIFA 21 game scams: watch out for unsporting conduct

Despite COVID-19, soccer season is slowly ebbing its way back into daily life around the world. It’s also sneaking back onto TV screens in the form of huge-budget video games. Step up to the plate, FIFA 21. FIFA games: the football juggernaut The FIFA series is an absolute monster in terms of sales, clocking in at around 280 million copies across
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Phantom Squad and PoodleCorp tango down against Steam and Origin Servers

The servers of the Steam gaming platform and Origin are down. Phantom Squad and PoodleCorp are claiming responsibility for the attacks. It’s holiday time and hackers can transform this period in a nightmare for gamers. Two years ago Lizard Squad hackers took down the networks of Sony PSN and Microsoft XBox Live. Now the notorious Phantom Squad group ha
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Some Phishy Football Antics…

This isn’t exactly like saying Candyman 5 times into a mirror, but it’s still quite the dangerous invocation: Seems that mentioning @EASPORTSFIFA triggers phishing bots pic.twitter.com/fETnPSCvm9 — Janne Ahlberg (@JanneFI) December 9, 2014 The bot alternates between sending messages to anybody mentioning the official EA Sports Twitter feed, and j
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