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Islamic Jihad master hacker pleads guilty to hacking IDF drones in Gaza

An Islamic Jihad master hacker resident in the Gaza strip pleads guilty to hacking into drones belonging to the Israeli Defense Force, faces up to nine years in jail. A resident in the Gaza strip pleads guilty for hacking into drones belonging to the Israeli Defense Force. An Israeli court accepted a guilty plea from Islamic Jihad master hacker Maagad Ben Ju
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Drones, OSINT, NLP and Sherlock Holmes

15 January 2017 was yet another treat for me. I watched the most excellent Benedict Cumberbatch playing the part of the brilliant yet crazed Sherlock Holmes.Granted, this is an imaginative and fictitious portrayal of the character created by Arthur Conan Doyle. But I am wondering, if you also watched it, did you note the crossover from fiction to the cyber r
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In 2017: Cool New Tech, Ominous Cyber Threats & Increased Terrorism in the West

A lot of new and exciting technology will emerge or become more prominent in 2017 and the following is just a glimpse of what is anticipated. IoT & Smart Home Tech Smart home technology had been in the works for years before finally getting off to a relatively slow start. But, now that large companies like Apple, Amazon and Google have jumped onboard, sm
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Camera drones: A flying spy is peeping into your window

Drones have conquered the world: they are used to hunt down tax evaders and illegal hunters, help suppress wildfires, find victims after natural disasters… They even serve as flying cameras to assist in filming movies and for aerial photography. Online retail giant Amazon, for example, is planning on using drones for commercial delivery in order to fl
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The Icarus box is able to hijack nearly any drone mid-flight

A security researcher presented a small hardware named Icarus box that is able to hijack a variety of popular drones mid-flight. It could be very easy to hijack nearly any drone mid-flight by using the hardware presented by the Trend Micro researcher Jonathan Andersson at the PacSec hacking conference in Japan this week. Andersson, who leads the Trend Micro
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The Dronecatcher evolves featuring a new improvement

Delft Dynamics conducted a successful test, where a drone was taken out of the air by another unmanned aerial vehicle named DroneCatcher. The drone industry is growing at a rapid pace. Aerospace research company Teal Group has estimated that sales of military and civilian drones will total over $89 billion in the next 10 years. The possible fields of applica
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How to hack drones with just a $40 hardware from 2 km away

The IBM expert Nils Rodday revealed how to hack drones with just a $40 hardware from 2 km away by replicating its signals and blocking legitimate operators. At the Black Hat Asia hacking conference, the IBM expert Nils Rodday revealed that hackers can hijack expensive professional drones from 2 km away by replicating its signals and blocking legitimate opera
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NASA hacked by AnonSec that hijacked a $222m Global Hawk drone

Anonsec group hacked NASA network and released a data dump of data online. The hackers also hijacked a Global Hawk drone. Hackers belonging to the AnonSec group have released online 250GB of data stolen from systems at the NASA, the hackers revealed to have hijacked a drone the Agency uses to run high-altitude testing and samp
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Feds fear high sophisticated attacks at Super Bowl 50

Federal security officials fear that attacks on fiber optic systems in the Bay Area may pose a threat to Super Bowl 50 A security memo issued by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security is warning of the dangers of a high-tech attack against crowds at the next Super Bowl 50. The event will be held in the San Francisco 49ers
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Russian Army is largely investing in modern UAVs

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the Russian Army received over 1,500 modern UAVs in the last four years. Almost every government is increasing the adoption of drones within its military. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) represent a privileged option for military surveillance, reconnaissance and attack, these vehicles
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Black Hornet, the military nano drone small like an insect

The Prox Dynamics’ PD-100 Black Hornet 2 is a tiny drone having the dimension of a flying insect and a lot of advanced features. Drones are privileged instruments of surveillance, we read about vehicles equipped with IR cameras or devices to spy on mobile devices. These vehicles are used by armies, intelligence and law enforce
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Drone regulation – Keeping the skies safe from commercial drones

My participation at the World Insight on CCTV discussing the Federal Aviation Administration regulation for the commercial  drones. Q1 First of all, the Federal Aviation Administration gave a very compressed timeline. They’re asking a expert panel task force to make registration guideline recommendations by November 20 and the
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DARPA is working on ICARUS, the disappearing delivery drone

The DARPA research agency is launching a new Program subbed ICARUS for the development of a new generation of Disappearing drones. I always follow DARPA because its innovative project, the last one that caught my attention is a new project on a new generation of unmanned aerial vehicles. The program is codenamed ICARUS (Inboun
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DroneDefender, electromagnetic gun that shoot down drones

DroneDefender is a weapon specifically designed to target drones at a range of just 400 meters with radio waves forcing them to safe mode. While the number of drones in the sky is increasing exponentially, the US company Battelle has developed a shoulder-mounted rifle to could be used to target and knock unwanted drones flying
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Security Slice: Game of Drones

Drone security has been in the news recently. First, a computer hacker associated with the Islamic State was killed in a drone strike. Second, two popular consumer drones were successfully hijacked by security researchers at DEF CON 23.As privacy and drone security issues begin to intertwine, what issues should privacy advocates be concerned about?Listen to
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