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Holy Water targets religious figures and charities in Asia

Holy Water – An APT group compromised a server hosting Web pages belonging mainly to religious figures and charities to carry out watering hole attacks. On December 4, 2019, Kaspersky experts discovered a watering hole attack, tracked Holy Water, aimed at an Asian religious and ethnic group. The campaign has been active since at least May 2019 and
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Blast from the Past: Blackhole Exploit Kit Resurfaces in Live Attacks

The year is 2015 and a threat actor is using the defunct Blackhole exploit kit in active drive-by download campaigns via compromised websites. We noticed Java and PDF exploits collected by our honeypot which we haven’t seen in ages. Looking closer at the structure of this attack, we were surprised when we realized this was the infamous Blackhole. Black
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Evasion Techniques Keep Angler EK’s Cryptowall Business Thriving

The Angler Exploit Kit is turning into a model for malware rapidly integrating new evasion techniques.Starting in early June, URL patterns used by the notorious exploit kit have been changing almost daily, coinciding with it pushing Cryptowall 3.0 ransomware. SANS Internet Storm Center handler Brad Duncan, a security researcher with Rackspace, said that curr
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3 things you need to know about drive-by downloads

Back before most of your smartphones were born, people used to install their own malware. This mostly happened through opening email attachments cloaked to hide the fact that it was malware. While this method is seeing a bit of a renaissance with some savvier delivery methods, people are far more aware that clicking on attachments they weren’t expectin
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Exploit Kits: A Fast Growing Threat

[ Breaking 01/21/15: New Adobe Flash Player Zero-Day has been found in the wild by security researcher Kafeine. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit detects and protects you from this threat.] When we talk to people that have been infected, they often ask how it happened. In a growing number of cases, they have been doing nothing more than reading a news website or bro
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Signed CryptoWall ransomware distributed via top websites

A digitally signed version of the popular CryptoWall ransomware is distributed via five Alexa top-ranked websites in a widespread malvertising campaign. Security experts at Barracuda Labs have discovered a new variant of CryptoWall ransomware in the wild, the new strain of malware presents a valid digital signature and it is b
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