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Man Receives Prison Time for Doxxing, Swatting 50 People

A man has received prison time for his role in doxxing and swatting 50 people including politicians, celebrities, and infosec journalist Brian Krebs.Mir Islam (Source: Krebs on Security)On July 11, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia sentenced Mir Islam, 22, to two years in prison for doxxing and swatting numerous individuals betwee
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Explained: Doxing

Definition of Doxing (sometimes written as doxxing): gathering identifiable information about a person or a group of people with the objective to shame, scare, blackmail or bully the target. What is it? The technique as such was already known in the 1990’s when Usenet users researched and posted the real names belonging to online handles that they had an arg
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Anti-doxing strategy—or, how to avoid 50 Qurans and $287 of Chick-Fil-A

"Nate, wake up. Your phone keeps going off."This was two months ago—Monday morning, 4am—and I was asleep. But I remember what happened vividly. A decently hard nudge from my girlfriend did what technology couldn't, and I woke up to look at my phone. It showed two missed calls from unrecognized numbers alongside a slew of texts. I took a quick glance at t
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8chan domain “seized” over allegations of “child abuse” content

Further Reading8chan user offers to “swat” GamerGate critic, cops sent to an old addressPost offers to swat forum-selected target; 20 police officers show up around midnight. Last week, the imageboard site 8chan.co was brought offline for a sustained period of over five days due to a prolonged DDoS attack. On Monday, it returned only to go back offline f
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Doxxing, The Internet and How You Can Lock Down Your Data

There exists, in this world of ours, a term describing the public release of a person’s identity against their will online. It’s called doxxing—Internet-speak for publishing docs, or documents—and it has quickly gone from an obscure Internet term to a tool for digital intimidation. And it can be quite nasty. Those seeking the identity of someone online with
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