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Locky JS and URL Revealer

From various reports, it appears that the malicious Javascript files sent via email that pull Locky down is back. Let’s see what these scripts look like: At the bottom of the script, is this function that reverses the string above, joins the characters, then evaluates it: eval(aBN3DmdER7P.split(”).reverse().join(”)); Since we’re deal
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Banking Malware Moving Over Facebook Hosted in Cloud

A new run of Spy Banker banking malware infections has been targeting Portuguese-speaking victims in Brazil.While Spy Banker is an old threat, dating back to 2009 according to some security companies, the latest wrinkle attackers are taking is a new one. The campaign, spotted by researchers at Zscaler, spreads primarily over social media—Facebook for the m
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Spammers Accelerate Dyre Distribution

ThreatTrack Security Labs researchers continue to monitor the evolution Dyre (aka Dyreza), the banking-credential-stealing Trojan that appears to be quickly filling the gap left by the takedown of GameOver Zeus. We reported earlier on how Dyre has been associated with malicious spam utilizing the Upatre downloader, and our researchers also cited how Dyre’s l
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When tech support scams meet Ransomlock

What’s true for businesses is also true for scams and malware, to remain successful they must evolve and adapt. Sometimes ideas or methods are borrowed from one business model and used in another to create an amalgamation. After all, some of the best creations have come about this way; out of ice-cream and yogurt was born delicious frogurt, and a
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