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Cybercriminals’ friend VPNLab.net shut down by law enforcement

Europol has announced that law enforcement has seized or disrupted the 15 servers that hosted VPNLab.net’s service, rendering it no longer available. Led by the Central Criminal Office of the Hannover Police Department in Germany, the coordinated operation took place in Germany itself, the Netherlands, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Latvia,
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Police seize DoubleVPN data, servers, and domain

A coordinated effort between global law enforcement agencies—led by the Dutch National Police—shut down a VPN service that was advertised on cybercrime forums. The VPN company promised users the ability to double- and triple-encrypt their web traffic to obscure their location and identity. The service, called DoubleVPN, had its domain page seized on June
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Russian-based DoubleVPN seized by law enforcement

Law enforcement seized the servers and customer logs for DoubleVPN, a double-encryption service widely used by threat actors for malicious purposes. Law enforcement has seized the servers of DoubleVPN (doublevpn.com), a Russian-based VPN service that provides double-encryption service widely used by threat actors to anonymize their operation while perform
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