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As Internet turns 50, more risks and possibilities emerge

This op-ed originally appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on October 28, 2019. We occupy a richly-connected world. On the Internet, we collapse distance and shift time. But this Internet that delivers mail, connects us with friends, lets us work anywhere, and shop from the palm of the hand, is a mere 50 years old, slightly younger than Jennifer Anisto
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How cyber threats affect enterprise and consumer devices

Over the past decade, Microsoft has methodically studied the evolving cyber threat landscape. We share what we learn twice a year in our Security Intelligence Report, and the most recent issue reveals some important differences between consumer devices and enterprise threats. Attackers don’t view all attack vectors equally – home computer users and enterpris
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Most Suspicious TLDs Revealed by Blue Coat Systems

In 1985, around the time that the Internet was just beginning to take shape, there were six top-level domains (TLDs) in existence. These were “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, “.gov”, “.mil”, and “.edu”. Along with some 100 country codes, those TLDs led the evolution of the web for over a decade.B
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Angler Exploit Kit Adopts ‘Domain Shadowing’ as New Evasion Technique

The Angler exploit kit is using a new method of evasion that allows it to compromise victims before information security experts have a chance to respond.In an article published on Cisco’s Threat Research blog, Nick Biasini, a Threat Researcher for the Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group, discusses Angler’s new technique, which he has dubbed ‘Doma
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Thousand ways to backdoor a Windows domain (forest)

When the Kerberos elevation of privilege (CVE-2014-6324 / MS14-068) vulnerability has been made public, the remediation paragraph of following blog post made some waves:http://blogs.technet.com/b/srd/archive/2014/11/18/additional-information-about-cve-2014-6324.aspx"The only way a domain compromise can be remediated with a high level of certainty is a compl
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