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Cybersecurity Strategy: Building Trust on Shifting Sands

This is the first in a blog series about building and maintaining brand trust.  Transforming the enterprise for digital business requires a change in technology, process and culture. Along with this comes necessary changes on a cybersecurity strategy. Like walking on shifting sands, keeping cybersecurity strategy top of mind while going through major b
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Creating Brand Trust: A Key Currency for Business

This is the first in a blog series about building and maintaining brand trust.  Brand trust has always been valuable for business, but the ways to develop it have changed a lot in the digital age. I’ve seen a dramatic shift in the last twenty years while I’ve worked in technology and development. In terms of both my personal and professiona
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Achieve Flexibility in Business Through Digital Trust and Risk Management

I grew up watching professional football back in the 70s, when defenses were so good they had their own nicknames. The Pittsburgh Steelers had the “Steel Curtain,” the Miami Dolphins had the “No-Name Defense” and the Dallas Cowboys had the “Doomsday Defense.” The Cowboys’ defense was based on a newfangled concept cal
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Take a Data-Centric Approach to Zero Trust to Protect Your Most Critical Assets

For many of us, children are our most critical assets. In order to protect what is important to us, we work hard to know where they are and what they are doing at all times — particularly during those pesky teen years. We also take steps to protect the places where they spend their time. We install cameras, locks and alarm systems to monitor activity and sec
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Why 2020 Will Be the Year Artificial Intelligence Stops Being Optional for Security

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t new. What is new is the growing ubiquity of AI in large organizations. In fact, by the end of this year, I believe nearly every type of large organization will find AI-based cybersecurity tools indispensable. Artificial intelligence is many things to many people. One fairly neutral definition is that it’s a bran
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What Leadership Qualities for CISOs Are Most Important in 2020?

Organizations today have to balance the need for continuous evolution along the digital continuum with the need to protect their data and operations and keep cyber risk at an acceptable level. The chief information security officer (CISO) role is uniquely positioned to help organizations manage those dualities, but it requires a different set of leadership q
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How Authentication and Identification Work Together to Build Digital Trust

The dictionary definition of trust, according to Merriam-Webster, is the “assured reliance on the … truth of someone or something.” In today’s digital world, trust can be a tricky concept. To do business online, whether you are a bank, retailer, insurer, airline or anything else, you must have some degree of trust in your user — trust
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