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How to Get Started in Digital Forensics

If you want to become a digital forensic expert, be aware that when entering the field, you will be presented with an abundance of information that you will not know. It is a wonderfully challenging career path. Some believe that having the title of a cybersecurity professional (e.g. digital forensics expert, cybersecurity analyst, incident response commande
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Cybersecurity Research During the Coronavirus Outbreak and After

Virus outbreaks are always gruesome: people, animals or computer systems get infected within a short time. Of course, viruses spreading across our physical world always take priority over the virtual world. Nevertheless, everyone should keep doing their job, which includes all kinds of malware researchers, digital forensics experts and incident responders. A
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The Silent Profession Bringing Out the Silence in Data Cell Phone Security

The old saying, “What you say can be used against you in a court of law,” extends itself into other areas, such as business, finances and even parenting. Digital forensics is playing a critical part in court cases, executive layoffs and parenting situations. We can see why now – the mounds of data produced from digital forensics can result in ric
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New Ransomware-Wave Analysis

In the context of a customer project, we examined a new variant of the Locky ransomware. As in the meantime stated by a law enforcement agency, this has been part of a large wave of attacks hitting various enterprises in the night from Tuesday (2016-07-26) to Wednesday. As an initial attack vector, the attackers use emails with an attachment that probably ev
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A Security Collaboration Model for IoT

Fifteen years ago, I retired from law enforcement and joined the private sector like many other ex-officers with some expertise in digital forensics investigations. I certainly felt some anxiety for leaving a prestigious organization like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), having spent the last five years doing numerous forensic investigations ranging
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