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Deobfuscating PHPJiami

I was sent a PHP script that was protected by PHPJiami which you can find here. PHPJiami is a decent PHP obfuscator that appears to be able to bypass several online deobfuscators. Here’s what the script looks like: When you run it, you can see what the protected script does. At the top there’s a comments section. Let me change the uppercase
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Script Deobfuscator Released

The purpose of this tool is to help you perform static analysis on obfuscated scripts. It’s often easier to dynamically analyze scripts but there are times when you just don’t know where to start or you just want a high-level view of what’s going on with the script. This tool may be able to help you. I already wrote a tool called PHP Scr
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Deobfuscating a Wicked-Looking Script

Bart Blaze, one of my security researcher friends passed along this PHP script to me. Let’s have a look. It looks like PHP ate some Perl and barfed it out. First thing I asked myself is, “does this even run?” It looks like a mess but it actually runs just fine. This script makes clever use of bitwise operators. For example… $Yzu
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Reversing a PHP Script Dynamically and Statically

A reader sent me two PHP scripts because the PHP Converter program I wrote wasn’t able to handle it. They are both similar so I’ll just work on one of them in this post. Here’s what it looks like: And this is what happens when you try to use PHP Converter: Let’s reverse this script dynamically and then statically. First, I’l
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