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Panda Security and Deloitte Have Exciting Announcement for the Gartner Summit

Following the success of the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in the US, Panda Security will also be participating in the London conference held on 18-19 September 2017. The summit will address the major challenges facing IT security leaders today. Analysts, panellists, and presenters will offer proven practices, technologies and methods to help
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Panda Security and Deloitte Sign a Cyber Alliance against Advanced Threats

Even with security technology in place, companies know that it is not possible to prevent all cyberattacks. At any rate, however, the damages caused by attacks can be greatly mitigated with quick and decisive action in response to threats. The answer is to use a cybersecurity solution capable of monitoring, uninterruptedly, all applications in order to block
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Privacy by Design – worrying developments

Privacy by Design – worrying developments Last week I attended the Privacy by Design User Forum in Toronto where I delivered a presentation on how to develop a new project using Privacy by Design.  But that is not the subject of this article, this article is about a discussion wh
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How to Tell Data Leaks from Publicity Stunts

In an era when new consumer data breaches are disclosed daily, fake claims about data leaks are sadly becoming more common. These claims typically come from fame-seeking youngsters who enjoy trolling journalists and corporations, and otherwise wasting everyone’s time. Fortunately, a new analysis of recent bogus breach claims provides some simple tools
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