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DNS Hijacks: Routers

Our Support department has noticed a significant increase in the number of people that have had their DNS settings hijacked. Not only on their computers, but on their routers as well. For some background information on DNS hijacks, please read “DNS Hijacks: What to Look For”. How does it work? In a typical home setup, we have: A modem provided b
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Researchers Manipulate Rifle’s Precision Targeting System

TrackingPoint rifles are state-of-the-art precision hunting and sniper rifles that come equipped with a networked tracking scope that’s accessible via Wi-Fi, and comes complete¬†with USB ports and a mobile app. It’s almost foolproof shooting, albeit at a $13,000 price tag.And the security of all of it can be undone because of a guessable, default
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Root Password Found in Ceragon Microwave Bridges

The Department of Homeland security warned users of Ceragon Networks microwave bridges that the devices contain an undocumented root password.The advisory said Ceragon FibeAir IP-10 Microwave Bridges can be accessed remotely.“The root account can be accessed through ssh, telnet, command line interface, or via HTTP,” the advisory said.The bridges
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