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The author of the original Petya ransomware released the master key

The author of the original variant of the Petya ransomware has made the master key available online, all the victims can decrypt their files for free. Janus, the author of the original variant of Petya ransomware (that isn’t the NotPetya variant used in the recent massive attack) has made the master key available online. All the victims of the original
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Victims of Jaff Ransomware now can decrypt their locked files for free thanks to Kaspersky

Victims of the Jaff ransomware can use an updated version of the Kaspersky Labs’s RakhniDecryptor tool to decrypt their encrypted files. Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have discovered a weakness in the Jaff ransomware that allowed the researchers creating of decryption keys to unlock files encrypted by the malware. Once the victims were infected
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TeleCrypt Ransomware Decryption Utility Released

Researchers have released a decryption utility that victims of TeleCrypt ransomware can use to restore access to their files.The Delphi-written trojan first reared its ugly head in the beginning of November 2016.Most crypto-ransomware samples communicate with their command-and-control (C&C) servers over HTTP-based protocols to send information about a vi
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July 2016: The Month in Ransomware

As we continue to keep track of relevant events in ransomware, it’s time to provide a summary on the strains that surfaced or underwent noteworthy changes in July. Importantly, you will learn about decryptors released by security professionals and the promising international initiative called ‘No More Ransom.’JULY 3, 2016Alfa ransomware emergesThis inf
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How to restore files encrypted by the Petya ransomware in less than 7 seconds

Security Researchers have developed a decryption tool to restore the files encrypted by the Petya ransomware with a key generated in less than 10 seconds. Security researchers have analyzed the code of Petya ransomware in order to devise a method to allow victims to restore encrypted files. The experts have been able to develop a decryption tool that should
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