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How to avoid bogging down your own servers

There’s been a lot of talk recently about DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks in the wake of an incident that left thousands of users without internet access as a result of the collapse of the servers at Dyn, a DNS hosting service. Needless to say, we should be aware of this threat, know how it works, and how to defend ourselves against it. Especia
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FSB accuses foreign hackers of plotting to undermine the Russian banks

According to the FSB unnamed foreign hackers are planning to undermine Russian Banks with cyber attacks and PSYOPS via social media. The Kremlin is accusing unnamed foreign hackers of plotting to undermine the Russian banks in the country. The Russian Government believes that foreign powers plan to conduct a PSYOps to destabilize the banks. Hackers could com
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For the first time massive DDoS attacks hit Russian banks in 2016

A number of prolonged DDoS attacks hit at least five Russian banks this week and experts suspect the involvement of the Mirai Botnet once again. A wave of DDoS attacks hit at least five Russian banks with prolonged DDoS attacks this week. Among the victims of the DDoS attacks against the online banking services there are Sberbank and Alfabank banks. The stri
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The Internet collapses, brings the world to a halt for a few hours

  A massive cyber-attack against US DNS service provider Dyn knocked out major websites across the Internet last Friday. The attack shut down several websites, including Netflix, Twitter, Amazon and The New York Times. The Internet service was disrupted for almost 11 hours, affecting more than one billion customers around the world. Cyber crooks are al
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Inside the DDoS attacks powered by large IoT botnets

Cloudflare firm has published a report that analyzes two recent attacks that were powered by large IoT botnets based on the Mirai Threat. The IoT botnets represent one the most dangerous threats in the security landscape, recently we have assisted to cyber attacks powered by these infrastructures that reached magnitude never seen before. The recent DDoS atta
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‘It’s the End of DDoS as You Know it’

The past weeks have seen a number of cybercriminal events that are noteworthy in that they give us a glimpse of where cybercrime in general and DDoS attacks in particular are heading. In this post we take a look at the forces driving DDoS attacks, put recent events in perspective, and assist in understanding what can be done about them. The same way dynamit
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Note to Banks: Proactively validate your DDoS mitigation

Banks around the world are in the cross fire of the hacktivist group Anonymous who launched campaign Op-Icarus (#OPIcarus), against global financial institutions. Anonymous wants to bring public attention to what they call ‘corruption’ inside the financial industry. The first victims of Op-Icarus were Bank of Greece, and Bank of Cyprus both of wh
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ProtonMail paid a $6000 Ransom to stop DDoS Attacks

ProtonMail has paid a $6000 Ransom to stop prolonged DDoS attacks that knocked its services offline since Tuesday. Unfortunately, the attacks are continuing. The popular encrypted email service ProtonMail has suffered a prolonged major DDoS attack that knocked it offline since Tuesday. It was an extortion attempt, the attacker
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DDoS Extortion – Biting the DDoS Bullet

It started with a five minute long DDoS attack which established that the cybercriminals meant business and could cause impact, this small sample attack stopped all business for five minutes. They then sent an email demanding payment of the ransom in bitcoins within 48 hours, otherwise a second and far more damaging DDoS attack would ensue and the ransom amo
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Attackers Revive Deprecated RIPv1 Routing Protocol in DDoS Attacks

A long-deprecated—and aptly named—routing protocol, RIPv1, still has some life to it.Hackers, since the middle of May, have been carrying out reflection- and amplification-style distributed denial of service attacks using home office and small business routers still running on the old protocol. RIPv1, short for Routing Information Protocol, helps small ne
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FBI Links Chinese Government to DDoS Attacks on US Websites

  The FBI says it has credible evidence to link the Chinese government to attackers who leveraged two Chinese telecom companies and the Baidu search engine to carry out recent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks targeting unnamed U.S. websites. The FBI issued a confidential Flash Alert to U.S. companies alleging that the Chinese government san
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Beebone Botnet Taken Down By International Cybercrime Taskforce

U.S. and European law enforcement agencies have shut down a highly sophisticated piece of the botnet that had infected more than 12,000 computers worldwide, allowing hackers to steal victims’ banking information and other sensitive data.The law enforcement agencies from the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union conducted a joint operat
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To catch a crook: Company victimized by DDoS offers a 100 Bitcoin bounty to unmask its attacker

Last November the Helsinki-based Bitcoin service Bitalo was hit by a DDoS attack that lasted two days. The attacker (known as DD4BC) contacted Bitalo to demand a ransom of 1 Bitcoin (about $326 USD) to stop the attack and to provide information on how he or she did the attack. The attacker even offered to provide guidance to Bitalo on how to prevent another
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Verisign report – The rise of DDoS attacks as a service

A new report published by Verisign provides useful data related to the recent evolution of DDoS attacks and the services that offer them. DDoS attacks are even more dangerous for every organization that exposes its resources and services on the Internet, recent attacks against Sony PSN network and XBox live service demonstrate
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The double-edged sword of operating a hosting data center  

The more customers you host in your data center, the better, right?  Of course, that means more revenue.  And if those customers are in multiple industry verticals, even better, correct?  Supporting a variety of customer types protects  against revenue fluctuations if rough economic times affect a certain vertical and not the others.  But here’s the rub.  Ho
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