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Mobile Device Management to Security: “I’m Not Dead Yet!”

“I can’t find my phone. It’s either inside a Hogwarts backpack at my son’s school, Penn Station in New York or traveling at 30,000 feet and accruing a ton of frequent flier miles.” How does a support call like this still account for 32 percent of mobile security incidents in 2015? Aren’t we in the age of apps? Isn’t
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The Path Forward With Threat Intelligence and Sharing

According to Gartner’s Rob McMillan, threat intelligence is defined as “evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and actionable advice about an existing or emerging menace or hazard to assets that can be used to inform decisions regarding the subject’s response to that menace or hazard.” While
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The Business of Cyber Risk Assessment for Data Security

Many organizations are grappling with a dearth of available options to effectively measure and assess cyber risk within a business context. Current data security solutions do not generally focus on or appropriately address cybersecurity risks in an enterprise environment. Effectively quantifying and qualifying IT risks within a corporate enterprise environme
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To Err Is Human: Why Your Users’ Identity Is Your Security’s Weakest Link

With 2014 sometimes called “The Year of the Breach,” many organizations have realized their most serious security threat isn’t the external attack. Instead, it’s the user who can compromise or leak the organization’s most sensitive data — its “crown jewels” — either intentionally or accidentally. According to IBMR
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Top Security Myths That Could Leave Your Organization Vulnerable to an Attack

Every year, thousands of companies evaluate their current security posture and implement solutions to help fill gaps in their security programs. The following are four security myths that may keep your organization from moving to a higher level of security: Myth: Your Company Is Not Infected Reality: Attackers Bypass Traditional Security Defenses Every Day Y
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Data Security Requires a Symbiotic Relationship Between the CFO, CIO and CISO

If there was ever a doubt as to the symbiotic nature of the relationships between the chief financial officer (CFO), chief information officer (CIO) and chief information security officer (CISO), the current data security calamities of 2015 have served to remove any doubts. The IBM X-Force Interactive Security Incidents visualization of the 53 noteworthy inc
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US Government to Establish Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center

The U.S. government announced in February the establishment of a new Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC) to analyze all cyberthreats for U.S. policymakers, including foreign cyberthreats and threats against U.S. interests. According to a spokesperson from the U.S. government, this new center is necessary because there is a need for a single
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How Businesses Can Protect Themselves From a Data Breach

The age-old canard, “Trust me, I’m from the government,” has been around for hundreds of years and has been greeted universally with a smirk or a chortle. However, it probably was never used in the context of a data breach discussion. There have been massive data breaches involving individuals’ data coming from governmental entities.
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Security Snowflakes: Interactive IBM X-Force Feature Visualizes Data Breach Records

Security incidents are like snowflakes. Individually, each is a unique variation of a set of repeating patterns, yet over time, they tend to pile up into an unruly mound of a billion or more leaked records of personal data. Given the pervasive effects of a data breach, there are many public resources that do a great job tracking and advising on these numerou
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For Data Security, Catering to the Business Will Be Essential

My two-year-old daughter already knows how to use my phone to play with apps. I did not teach her how to do this, so as I watch in awe, I cannot help but think about how the improvement of security products will now address the transitions we expect in the future. Until recently, security products were geared toward a unique type of person who was technical,
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In Data Security, What’s Your Security Nirvana?

My colleague Nev Zunic and I recently shared one of our data security presentations at IBM InterConnect 2015. This conference was a great opportunity for us to discuss the data security landscape and share our knowledge with peers and clients. Our presentation shared some insight into modern enterprise data security and touched on our five-phase approach. Ba
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The Absence of Evidence Is Not the Evidence of Absence

I have had the title of this blog post as the quote in my email footer for a couple of years now. Even after all this time, it still makes me pause for thought. One of the biggest gaps I see that even large companies have is a lack of data or evidence. This seems to be at odds with the flashy focus cyberdefense currently has on big data. While I think many c
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Big Data Requires Big Protection

Life used to be so much simpler, particularly when it came to data management. With centralized data and processing, you could just lock the computer room door and say goodnight. This may have been convenient for the data center staff, but it was far less so for end users. Back then, the focus was on structured data and nice tables of data in normalized form
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Data Security: How Vulnerable Is Your Critical Data?

As a customer, I trust the businesses I interact with to protect my personal data. I don’t want my credit card details or my transaction history to be shared, and I certainly don’t want details about where I am eating or which movie I am watching to become public knowledge. With online privacy concerns at an all-time high, data security has becom
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Cyber Forensics: From Dark Arts to Common Practice

Time is of the essence, but pressures abound and skills and resources are limited. How is a security team supposed to cope with attackers’ increased sophistication and focus? The answer may lie in cyber forensics. Imagine if the analysts on your security team could be empowered to use their human intuition and logical deduction to retrace the activitie
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