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Millions of Car Buyer Records Exposed: How to Bring This Breach to a Halt

Buying a car can be quite a process and requires a lot of time, energy, and research. What most potential car buyers don’t expect is to have their data exposed for all to see. But according to Threatpost, this story rings true for many prospective buyers. Over 198 million records containing personal, loan, and financial information on prospective car buyers
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Are Cash Transfer Apps Safe to Use? Here’s What Your Family Needs to Know

I can’t recall the last time I gave my teenage daughter cash for anything. If she needs money for gas, I Venmo it. A Taco Bell study break with the roommates? No problem. With one click, I transfer money from my Venmo account to hers. She uses a Venmo credit card to make her purchase. To this mom, cash apps may be the best thing to happen to parenting
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Is Your Medical Data Safe? 16 Million Medical Scans Left Out in the Open

Have you ever needed to get an X-ray or an MRI for an injury? It turns out that these images, as well as the health data of millions of Americans, have been sitting unprotected on the internet and available to anyone with basic computer expertise. According to ProPublica, these exposed records affect more than 5 million patients in the U.S. and millions more
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One third of Americans’ cell numbers available on password-free server

Cell Numbers of one-third of the US population found on a password-free server Approximately 133 million US-based cell numbers are part of the 419 million records found by cyber-security researches on a password-free server. The private data is originating from Facebook. Most of the entries stored on the easily accessible server contained not only cell numbe
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Paradise Papers were the result of the hack of external attackers

Most of the Paradise Papers came from offshore legal firm Appleby, which confirms the leak came from a hack on its network and no insiders were involved. The Paradise Papers is a collection of more than 13.4 million financial documents leaked online that has shed light on how major figures in the world of business, politics, entertainment, and sport move th
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2014 Data Breach – 46.2 Million Malaysian Mobile phone numbers leaked online

46.2 Million Malaysian Mobile phone numbers leaked online, authorities confirmed data were stolen from government servers and databases at a dozen telcos. Millions of Malaysians have been affected by a major data breach, hackers have accessed 46.2 million cellphone accounts after they broke into government servers and databases at a dozen telcos in the count
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Basetools underground hacking forum breached, hacker demands $50K ransom

Basetools underground hacking forum was breached, hackers demand a $50K ransom to avoid sharing stolen data, including admin identity, with law enforcement. A hacker that goes online with the Twitter handle mat (@0xScripts) has breached a popular underground hacking forum and he is threatening to share the stolen archive to the law enforcement if the adminis
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Hackers broke into the celeb London Bridge Plastic Surgery clinic

The celeb London Bridge Plastic Surgery clinic confirmed in a statement that it has been the victim of a cyber attack. The story I’m going to tell you shows the risks of cyber attacks to users’ privacy, a plastic surgery clinic frequented by celebrities suffered a security data breach. The clinic is the London Bridge Plastic Surgery, among its cl
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Offshore Legal Firm Appleby Hacked, financial details of rich clients is set to be released

The Financial details of some of the world’s richest people are set to be published after the Offshore Legal Firm Appleby suffered a data security incident. A new financial data leak made the headlines, financial details of clients of an offshore a legal firm is set to be published. The news was reported on Wednesday by a British newspaper, the Bermuda
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Whole Foods Market confirms that nearly 100 locations were affected by card breach

According to the Whole Foods Market, crooks may have stolen payment cards at taprooms and full table-service restaurants at nearly 100 locations. At the end of September, the Amazon-owned grocery chain Whole Foods Market notified customers a security breach. According to the security breach notification issued by the company, cybercriminals were able to gain
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APNIC Whois-related problem led to accidental exposure of authentication data

APNIC Deputy Director General Sanjaya confirmed that Whois data were accidentally exposed online included authentication details. The Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) is a non-profit organization that provides Internet addressing services in the Asia-Pacific region. The APNIC made the headlines because it was informed about a Whois-related sec
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Three Tips to Help Your Organization Hit Data Protection Out of the Park

When implementing a new business plan or technology, it’s easy to draw parallels between coaching employees on best practices and coaching an athletic team in pursuit of a victory. Both require teamwork, extensive training and careful consideration of how the individual strengths of each player come together to create a cohesive working unit. As the Ma
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How to Increase Transparency and Rebuild Trust After a Data Breach

As more companies suffer breaches and leak private data online, it becomes harder for organizations to be transparent and establish trust with their customers. Recent incidents have shown that many experts underestimated the total impact of a data breach in terms of the actual number of users affected and the volume of data made public. Many companies take t
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Guarding the Crown Jewels: The Importance of Intellectual Property Security in the Age of Sprawl

As organizations march into the digital age, data sprawl is accelerating. Information of all kinds is stored everywhere, accessed by multiple people many times a day and shared across corporate and international boundaries. Most organizations do not have a handle on data locations, ownership and flows outside of regulated or compliance-related information. T
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POS Malware Breach Sees Payment Cards Hit Underground Shops

News about POS malware breaches affecting two retailers hit the headlines last week, this time featuring a fast-food restaurant chain in the U.S. that operates around 3,500 locations across the country, most of which are franchised, and a popular supermarket. Both entities, like others before them, were notified of suspicious activity by a third-party servic
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