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Cybersecurity Risk Management: Protecting Our Most Valuable Currency

Cybersecurity risk management can be a unifying conversation throughout your organization. Few things are more challenging in the cybersecurity business than getting stakeholders to speak in the same language. The business planners are talking supply and demand; the IT department is talking bits and bytes; the HR department is talking wellness and productiv
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Ransomware Attacks: How to Protect your Data With Encryption

Cybercriminals are making headlines using ransomware to block organizations from accessing their own critical business data to extort ransoms. Recently, the University of California San Francisco fell victim to a ransomware attack on key academic and research data (the institution is known to be working on a cure for COVID-19) and ended up paying over $1.14
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Digital Transformation: Breaking Down Silos for Better Data Security

Today, enterprises are under pressure to improve the power and reduce the cost of running mission-critical business applications by migrating to modern software architectures. By breaking down the silos between adjacent teams and the tools they use, security teams can do this at the same time as they take steps toward zero trust and true security unificatio
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Data Democratization: Balancing Risk vs Reward Through Data Governance

Expanding employees’ access to the company’s data, known as data democratization, can be controversial. A more open attitude to data within the enterprise can give people the tools to fuel innovation and improve their bottom lines. However, it also can pose problems with security if not properly rolled out. As businesses work towards unleashing
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How Employing Encryption for Data Security Changed History

Human history is full of examples of encryption playing pivotal roles in war, competition and transitions of power. Throughout recorded time, people have employed encryption as a tactical tool to keep information private. That data could involve military campaigns, plots to overthrow political leaders or political dealings. In some cases, the use of en
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Cybersecurity Baseline for IoT Device Manufacturers

The pervasive impact of Internet of Things (IoT) devices on our lives is greater than that of traditional IT devices. There are several unknowns in IoT security, and it raises concerns for customers who are looking to incorporate IoT devices in their existing infrastructure. Fortunately, security by design can resolve some of the major root causes of the und
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Assisted Living Services Provider Discloses Data Security Incident

An assisted living services provider in Maryland revealed a data security incident in which attackers encrypted some of its information.In an update posted to its website, Lorien Health Services revealed that the security incident had occurred back on June 6. As quoted from its statement:Upon detecting the incident, Lorien immediately engaged a team of cyber
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Mitigating Container Risk Requires a Comprehensive Approach

Containers have become a staple among large banks and financial services firms, which have used the technology in production. It has captured the attention of the broader market, that hopes to achieve the same technology benefits of improved application delivery and run-time efficiencies. This modular plug-and-play architecture is more scalable and can deliv
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6 Cloud Security Threats Healthcare Companies May Face – With Solutions

For healthcare organizations that handle a lot of patient data, including very sensitive information, cloud computing is a revolution to data storage. Cloud computing in healthcare lowers data storage costs (compared to the old paper-storage era), enables easy retrieval of patient data and also improves the privacy of patient information. This has inevitably
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Overcoming Data Security Challenges in a Hybrid, Multicloud World

Cloud computing is evolving at a rapid pace. Today, there’s a range of choices for moving applications and data to cloud that includes various deployment models from public and private to hybrid cloud service types. Organizations are seeking ways to utilize multiple clouds as part of a broader digital strategy. With a multicloud approach, companies can avoid
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Best Practices for Managing Data Privacy & Responding to Privacy Breaches

A constantly changing regulatory environment has become the “new normal” for data privacy, and 2020 is no exception. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect in January and introduced one of the most sweeping requirements the U.S. has seen at a state level. In addition, the global health crisis has seen concerns around new and emerging use
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Ginp Malware Operations are on the Rise, Aiming to Expand in Turkey

The Ginp mobile banking malware, which emerged in late 2019, is one of the top most prevalent Android banking malware families today. It started as a simple short message server (SMS) stealer and rapidly evolved into one of the most advanced actors in the financial fraud landscape. Ginp has primarily targeted Spanish banks, but recent evidence suggests the m
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Why NHS, UK Healthcare Orgs Need to Boost Their Security in Age of COVID-19

All National Health Service (NHS) and social care organisations in the United Kingdom have always been and will always be a target for bad actors. The nature of their business and the sensitive data they hold make these entities appealing to bad actors who know that legacy systems, and/or, not regularly patched systems, such as those employed by healthcare o
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Managed Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) Is More Important Than Ever

The transition to a remote workforce has happened so quickly that many security teams have not had an opportunity to apply desired controls. Organizations are dealing with remote access and execution privileges that were unplanned even a couple of months ago. The use of personal devices and home workspaces has increased potential risks. Typical controls such
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Protecting Fleet Data from Security Threats

Big data is revolutionizing fleet management — specifically in the form of telematics.From engine diagnostics that track fuel efficiency and mileage to sensors that detect aggressive driving behavior and interior vehicle activity, this information is so valuable that we’re quickly approaching the point where connected technology will come standard in every v
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