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The Digital Ship is Full of Leaks. But There Are Ways to Keep it Afloat.

Years ago, while anchoring the CBS Evening News during an on-air mishap, Dan Rather made an offhand remark, observing that “To err is human.  But to really screw up, you need a computer.” His observation was, to be sure, somewhat facetious, although the power of digital technology to amplify small mistakes and oversights into massive ones is real.
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How Employing Encryption for Data Security Changed History

Human history is full of examples of encryption playing pivotal roles in war, competition and transitions of power. Throughout recorded time, people have employed encryption as a tactical tool to keep information private. That data could involve military campaigns, plots to overthrow political leaders or political dealings. In some cases, the use of en
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Build a Roadmap for Cyber Resilience

The current information security landscape is rapidly evolving. According to the latest research from IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute’s 2020 Cyber Resilient Organization Report, 67% of organizations reported that the volume of attacks had significantly increased over the past 12 months. It’s not just the amount of attacks that grew; 64% o
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Microsoft to Keep Exploring TikTok Deal After Talks With Trump

Microsoft announced Sunday it would continue talks to acquire the US operations of popular video-sharing app TikTok, after meeting with President Donald Trump who seemingly backed off his earlier threats to ban the Chinese-owned platform."Following a conversation between Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and President Donald J Trump, Microsoft is prepared to conti
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Autofill Through Biometric Authentication Coming to Chrome

Google this week announced a series of security and ease-of-use improvements for the Autofill feature in Chrome.Designed to help users fill in forms in a secure manner, everywhere on the web, Autofill is about to become more secure when it comes to credit card numbers, Google says.For those users who save credit cards in their Google Accounts, Chrome typical
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Bill Aimed at Ending 'Warrant-Proof' Encryption Introduced in House

Roughly one month after United States senators introduced a “balanced” bill that would require tech companies to provide law enforcement with access to encrypted user data, a companion bill was introduced in the House of Representatives this week.Referred to as the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act, the bill aims to put a stop to criminals using “warrant-p
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DDoS Attacks Increase in Size, Frequency and Duration

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are increasing in size, frequency and duration. Kaspersky Lab reported a doubling of DDoS attacks in the first quarter of 2020 compared with the fourth quarter of 2019, plus an 80% jump compared with the same quarter last year. Kaspersky also found that DDoS cyberattacks are increasing in duration. Average attack
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What’s New in the 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report

In a world of uncertainty and change, it’s a comfort that some things are consistent year after year. Now in its 15th year, the annual Cost of a Data Breach Report, with research by the Ponemon Institute and published by IBM Security, continues to provide a detailed view of the financial impacts security incidents can have on organizations, with histo
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Darknet Cybersecurity: How Finance Institutions Can Defend Themselves

Financial firms continue to move to digital-first deployments, as retail branches close, and people shift to remote work. This shift makes understanding and preventing even common darknet, or dark web, threats a priority. Financial cybersecurity investment institutions need to understand what the dark web is, provide their security teams with the tools to ex
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Facebook Says EU Antitrust Probe Invades Employee Privacy

Facebook on Monday said it is asking EU courts to review "exceptionally broad" requests by antitrust regulators there that would scoop up employees' personal information.The US-based internet colossus maintained it has been cooperating with a European Commission antitrust investigation and will continue to do so, but that the wording of commission requests c
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Source Code From Major Firms Leaked via Unprotected DevOps Infrastructure

Source code belonging to tens of companies, including several major organizations, has been leaked online after it was found on unprotected DevOps infrastructure.Swiss-based IT consultant Till Kottmann has posted a list of roughly 50 companies that at some point exposed source code. For some of the impacted organizations the code has been removed from the re
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Can My Webcam Be Accessed Remotely?

Can My Webcam Be Accessed Remotely? July 28th, 2020 No Comments antivirus, Data Privacy, Data Protection, Online Privacy, Uncategorized With the huge increase of people working from home due to Covid-19, millions of home laptops and desktops are lay
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Australian Watchdog Accuses Google of Privacy Breaches

Australia’s consumer watchdog launched court action against Google on Monday alleging the technology giant misled account holders about its use of their personal data.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s action in the Federal Court is the latest litigation Google has faced around the world over allegations of privacy breaches.The commission a
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Bluetooth-Enabled 'Mooltipass' Hardware Password Manager Unveiled

The creators of the Mooltipass hardware password manager have unveiled the Mooltipass Mini BLE, a Bluetooth-enabled version of the device that includes many new and useful features.Back in 2016, SecurityWeek reviewed the second generation of the Mooltipass open source hardware password manager, the Mooltipass Mini. That version of the product can be connecte
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Chinese Drone Giant DJI Responds to Disclosure of Android App Security Issues

Chinese drone giant Da Jiang Innovations (DJI) on Thursday responded to the disclosure of security issues discovered by researchers in one of its Android applications.France-based cybersecurity company Synacktiv recently conducted an analysis of the DJI GO 4 application for Android. The app allows users to control and manage their DJI drones, and it’s mainly
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