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How Data Brokers Sell Your Identity

Our personal and professional lives are becoming increasingly intertwined with the online world. Regular internet usage has made us all prone to cyber-security risks. You leave a digital footprint every time you use the internet, which is a trace of all your online activities.   When you create new accounts or subscribe to different websites, you give them e
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How to Prepare for and Respond to a Data Privacy Breach

Before I started covering cybersecurity, I thought the term ‘breach’ had a single meaning — that an attacker stole data from a computer system. I also thought all the different versions of the word meant the same thing. However, I’ve since learned the nuances and differences between a breach, a data breach and a data privacy breach.
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Have we lost the fight for data privacy? Lock and Code S03E16

At the end of 2021, Lock and Code invited the folks behind our news-driven cybersecurity and online privacy blog, Malwarebytes Labs, to discuss what upset them most about cybersecurity in the year prior. Today, we’re bringing those same guests back to discuss the other, biggest topic in this space and on this show: Data privacy. You see, in 2021, a
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Roe v. Wade: How the cops can use your data: Lock and Code S03E15

On the evening of June 23, in the United States, millions of women went to bed with a Constitutional right to choose to have an abortion, and they went to bed with the many assurances that are tied to that right—to speak about getting an abortion, to organize and provide support to those seeking abortions, to search for abortion services safely online, to di
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TikTok is “unacceptable security risk” and should be removed from app stores, says FCC

Brendan Carr, the commissioner of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), called on the CEOs of Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores. In a letter dated June 24, 2022, Carr told Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai that “TikTok poses an unacceptable national security risk due to its extensive data harvesting being combined with BeijingR
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My Body, My Data Act would lock down reproductive and sexual health data

A new bill entered into both the House of Representatives and the Senate proposes the strongest Federal data privacy protections yet for an increasingly scrutinized form of data in the United States—reproductive and sexual health data. The “My Body, My Data Act of 2022” was announced in early June in response to a leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion t
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Hunting down your data with Whitney Merrill: Lock and Code S03E11

Depending on where you live, you can ask a company to hand over all the data it has collected about you and, in a matter of weeks as mandated by law, that company has to fork that information over. Whether the company will abide on time, however, is a different story. In the European Union, the United Kingdom, and California, consumers have a leg up
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2022 Q1 Privacy Update — A new year sparks new initiatives

The first months of 2022 began slowly for privacy, but by the end of the first quarter we had our marching orders for the rest of the year. In the U.S., we saw an explosion of state privacy bills being put forward (again), the Senate utilized a seldom used maneuver to push President Biden’s Federal Trade Commission nominee through to confirmation, and Utah b
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Are You Playing A Role In Protecting Your Online Privacy?

Like most things in life, online privacy is a 2-way street. As consumers, we expect the companies we deal with online to manage and safeguard our data to a super professional level however we also have a role to play here too. So, this Privacy Awareness Week (PAW), let’s focus on what we can do to ensure our personal information is kept as secure, and privat
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Technologies Useful In the Pandemic Are Challenging Privacy Now

Your company likely made many quick decisions back in March 2020. As an IT leader, you provided the tools employees needed to stay productive while working remotely. It had to happen now or sooner. Your team made it possible for the business to continue moving forward during the pandemic. It was not easy. But you got the right tools onto the network and int
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Why data protection and privacy are not the same, and why that matters: Lock and Code S03E09

p>There’s a mistake commonly made in the United States that a law that was passed to help people move their healthcare information to a new doctor or provider was actually passed to originally implement universal, wide-ranging privacy controls on that same type of information. This is the mixup with HIPAA—the Health Insurance Portability and Accountabi
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Keep Your Mobile Safe While Using Public Wi-Fi

h1>Keep Your Mobile Safe While Using Public Wi-Fi March 27th, 2022 No Comments Data Privacy, Mobile Security, wifi protection While many of us enjoy mobile internet access through 4G/5G when out and about, connecting to free public Wi-Fi is still desirable as i
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De-Googling Carey Parker’s (and your) life: Lock and Code S03E06

Three years ago, a journalist for Gizmodo named Kashmir Hill wanted to understand what life was like without “Big Tech.” Far from a “digital detox” retreat—the kind of which were popular with exceedingly plugged-in, very online types of mid-20s and early-30s folks—Hill’s experiment with technology abstinence was colored by r
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How Crisis Text Line crossed the line in the public’s mind: Lock and Code S03E05

Last month, Politico reported that Crisis Text Line, a national mental health support nonprofit whose volunteers help people through text-based chats, was sharing those chats with a for-profit company that Crisis Text Line spun-off in an attempt to boost funding for itself. That for-profit venture, called Loris.AI, received “anonymized” conversational data f
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Privacy in 2021: A Year Worth Reviewing

With two new U.S. State privacy laws, new Standard Contractual Clauses out of the EU, more GDPR-style laws passed around the globe, and record data protection fines, 2021 provided plenty of fodder for an end-of-year review.U.S. Domestic: A SummaryDespite a growing consensus on the need for comprehensive privacy in the United States, lawmakers once again fail
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