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3 Ways to Prepare Your Enterprise’s Data Security for a Future of Advanced Attacks

One significant negative implication of technology’s continual evolution is proportional advancement in nefarious internet activities, particularly cyber attacks. The past few years have seen a rising sophistication in cyber attacks at levels never experienced before. The worst fact is that attacks will likely only continue to get more advanced. To fig
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What Are the Ways to Respond to an Unintentional HIPAA Violation?

Accidents or mistakes are bound to happen. Even if healthcare providers and business associates are compliant to HIPAA Standards, there is always a possibility of unintentional or accidental disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI). Accidental disclosure of PHI includes sending an email to the wrong recipient and an employee accidentally viewing a pa
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Study Finds Most Companies Lack Confidence in Ability to Recover from Data Breaches

Despite more organizations making investments to protect their data, a new study reveals few organizations are confident in their ability to respond to the most serious consequences of data breaches.According to a recent report released by the Ponemon Institute, 86 percent of organizations said they have a data breach plan in 2016. However, only 42 percent o
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