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WordPress Compromises Behind Spike in Neutrino EK Traffic

Unsurprisingly, a rash of compromised WordPress websites is behind this week’s surge in Neutrino Exploit Kit traffic, researchers at Zscaler said.In a report published yesterday, Zscaler said it spotted attacks against sites running older versions of the content management system, 4.2 and earlier. Those sites are backdoored and redirect a victim’
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Uptick in Neutrino Exploit Kit Traffic Doesn’t Mean Angler Reign Over

A prominent cybercriminal actor or group has been kicking the tires on the Neutrino Exploit Kit to move ransomware and other malware, the SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Center reported today.Neutrino is a tier below the prolific Angler Exploit Kit, which is frequently at the heart of new attacks, largely because it has the reputation for quickly integ
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In a Crypto World, Rogue AV Still Finds a Niche

Is Rogue AV dead? That’s one of those questions people like to ask from time to time, especially when threats like CryptoLocker or CryptoWall emerge with the ability to extort money out of victims to recover encrypted files. After all, when you have something as powerful as a Crypto tool at your disposal, why would a cybercriminal go with the old “Your machi
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