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Cybersecurity Strategy: Building Trust on Shifting Sands

This is the first in a blog series about building and maintaining brand trust.  Transforming the enterprise for digital business requires a change in technology, process and culture. Along with this comes necessary changes on a cybersecurity strategy. Like walking on shifting sands, keeping cybersecurity strategy top of mind while going through major b
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New Report Links Cybersecurity and Sustainability

Some have also created the role of chief sustainability officer, according to Kaspersky.A vast majority of companies -- 98% -- say sustainability and a new C-suite role play an important role in improving cybersecurity, according to a new Kaspersky study. Related Content: Cyber Resilience Benchmarks 2020 2020 State of Cybersecurity Operations and Incide
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Lock and Code S1Ep18: Finding consumer value in Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Jamie Court

This week on Lock and Code, we discuss the top security headlines generated right here on Labs and around the Internet. In addition, we talk to Jamie Court, president of the non-profit advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, about the consumer value in Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Launched initially as a joint effort between government and industry, this once
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Australia Proposes Security Law to Protect Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Attacks

The Australian Government is committed to protecting the essential services all Australians rely on by uplifting the security and resilience of critical infrastructure.Increasingly interconnected and interdependent critical infrastructure is delivering efficiencies and economic benefits to operations. However, connectivity without proper safeguards creates v
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Hone Your Cybersecurity Superpowers with Tips from Wonder Woman

Reading Time: ~ 5 min. October 21 is Wonder Woman Day. It commemorates Wonder Woman’s first appearance in All Star Comics #8. With the upcoming release of Wonder Woman 1984, we took the opportunity to talk superheroes, superpowers and protecting data with our very own Briana Butler, Engineering Services Manager at Webroot. Q: Wonder Woman got her powers f
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Supply Chain Cybersecurity: What You Need to Consider

As companies and organizations evaluate their attack surface, they know to look at their own systems and infrastructure to defend against threats and manage vulnerabilities. However, what about their critical partners and the supply chain? With up to 80% of cyber-attacks now beginning in the supply chain, breaches at even the smallest vendors can have big co
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#SecTorCa: The Paramedic’s Guide to Surviving Cybersecurity

As a trained paramedic, Rich Mogull has helped to save lives. Mogull is also a cybersecurity professional and he sees a number of parallels between his two professions.Mogull is the CEO of security analyst firm Securosis and provided his insights in a session at the virtual SecTor security conference. Mogull noted that he’s led parallel lives, one in e
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The value of cybersecurity integration for MSPs

For modern Managed Service Providers (MSPs), gone are the days of disparate workflows, and that’s really for the best. Imagine trying to run a successful MSP business today—finding potential customers, procuring new clients, developing purchase orders, managing endpoints, and sending invoices—all without the help of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
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Reactive vs. proactive security: Three benefits of a proactive cybersecurity strategy

Introduction I’ve been writing cybersecurity articles for many years, and in that time, I have only seen increasingly complex security threats. Cybercriminals take their craft seriously. They treat cybercrime as a business, looking for ways to maximize profit while seeking innovative methods to circumvent our efforts to protect our businesses.The figur
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Artificial Intelligence, disruptive innovation in cybersecurity

In the current reality in which the sheer number, professionalization, and sophistication of adversaries has forced organizations to bolster security policies and develop specific processes to prevent, detect, investigate, contain, and eradicate technologically advanced cyberattacks, Artificial Intelligence has burst onto the cybersecurity scene. AI has, in
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Problem Solving – Lessons From Teaching Cybersecurity: Week 4

As I had mentioned previously, this year, I’m going back to school. Not to take classes, but to teach a course at my alma mater, Fanshawe College. I did this about a decade ago and thought it was interesting, so I was excited to give it another go. Additionally, after a friend mentioned that their kid wanted to learn Python, I developed an Intro to Python ai
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Are You One COVID-19 Test Away From a Cybersecurity Disaster?

One cybersecurity failure can result in a successful ransomware attack or data breach that could cause tremendous damage. There's no need to panic, but neither is there time to ignore the issue.The president of the United States testing positive for COVID-19 reminds us that there is no guarantee any individual will remain virus-free. That's true in Washingto
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The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification: Are You in Compliance?

Let's face it: Cybersecurity threat risk isn't going anywhere, and it's only going to get worse. This realization caused the Department of Defense (DoD) to create the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) early this year. This is a unified standard for the successful implementation of cybersecurity across the more than 300,000 companies in the su
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Crisis and an Incontestable Need for Security — A Business Viewpoint

Data, data, data.  We have plenty of it, and in the eyes of some, it’s considered too much of a good thing. In practical terms, too much data often translates into blurred sight lines or the likely abetting of threats hiding within our environment. Improperly managed, it surely affects one’s ability to simply ‘see’ what’s
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Early Stage Investment in Cybersecurity Shows Signs of Stabilization

Early stage venture investment in cybersecurity has apparently started to stabilize in the third quarter of 2020, according to Washington, D.C.-based cybersecurity venture capital firm and incubator DataTribe.A report published by DataTribe in March revealed that the number of early stage investments in cyber had declined in the first two months of 2020 comp
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