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Thales and TT Electronics Partner to Enable OT Cybersecurity Initiatives and Research

Multinational technology company Thales and global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications TT Electronics have announced a partnership to enable the development of operational technology cybersecurity initiatives and research.These programs will be delivered out of the National Digital Exploitation Center (NDEC) in South Wale
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Rob Joyce Appointed Director of Cybersecurity at NSA

The U.S. National Security Agency on Friday announced that Rob Joyce, an official who is highly respected in the cybersecurity community, has been named the agency’s new director of cybersecurity.Joyce, who according to his LinkedIn profile has been working for the Defense Department for the past 32 years, replaces Anne Neuberger, who has been appointed Depu
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Managing Cybersecurity Costs: Bake These Ingredients Into Your Annual Budget

As businesses across all industries evolve, once discretionary expenses become operating costs.  Insurance coverage, for example, is pretty much ‘a must’ across many industries. The latest may be cybersecurity costs, because protecting your most important currency, information, requires ongoing attention. When looking at your cybersecurity
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Women in Cybersecurity Mid-Atlantic Partners with CMMC COE

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Center of Excellence (CMMC COE) yesterday announced a Memorandum of Understanding with the Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Mid-Atlantic affiliate.The executed MOU creates a cooperative agreement between the two parties to partner in the furthering of their missions and objectives around the adoption, us
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New Year, New Cybersecurity Concerns: A Look at 2021’s Top Trends

After an arduous 2020, the new year has finally arrived. While rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines suggests life could return to normal later in 2021, it’s likely change will be slow in the near-term. This has implications for all aspects of our personal and professional lives, not the least of which is cybersecurity.The widespread shift to remote working
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#CES2021: AI and Quantum Technologies Set to Disrupt Cybersecurity Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum are set to be the next major technology disruptors and will have a profound impact on the cybersecurity sector, according to speakers in a session at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021.Advancements in these areas are likely to lead to new opportunities for cyber-criminals to leverage attacks, but conversely, can
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5 Cybersecurity Best Practices For Planning Ahead

Putting best practices in place is the most efficient way to combat cybersecurity threats. But that’s easier said than done, as there are a lot of forces working against our best efforts. The talent shortage looms the largest; there simply aren’t enough qualified cybersecurity experts out there to provide organizations a strong foundation. Witho
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2021: Our cybersecurity predictions for the new year

However you look at it, 2020 has been one of the strangest years ever. Many of us were able to work from home for the first time, online shopping became the norm, and for long periods of time, video calling was the only way we could talk to our loved ones. So what can we expect in the new year? An increase in scammer activity Security researchers have recent
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Peaks and Valleys: The Mental Health Side of Cybersecurity Risk Management

There is one risk cybersecurity experts often overlook: burnout. We can build on threat detection and incident response capabilities and use cybersecurity risk management frameworks, such as NIST CSF, to improve our overall risk posture all we want without ever looking inward. Because burnout is internal, we may not always see it. But left unmanag
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NSA Publishes Cybersecurity Year in Review Report

The United States National Security Agency (NSA) has released its 2020 Cybersecurity Year in Review report, which summarizes the NSA Cybersecurity Directorate's first full year of operation.The Cybersecurity Directorate was formally announced in July 2019, with a focus on protecting national security networks and the defense industrial base. Led by Ms. Anne
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What is STRIDE and How Does It Anticipate Cyberattacks?

STRIDE threat modeling is an important tool in a security expert’s arsenal. Threat modeling provides security teams with a practical framework for dealing with a threat. For example, the STRIDE model offers a proven methodology of next steps. It can suggest what defenses to include, the likely attacker’s profile, likely attack vectors and the as
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Beginning for the search of cybersecurity jobs ended at SL7 leading my career a new start

My Journey at SecureLayer7 SecureLayer7 has always been a platform for the employees searching for cybersecurity jobs to grow and flourish along with the company.  But as we grow, we regrettably have to bid adieu to some of our best.  Akash Katare, one of the brightest cybersecurity engineer at SecureLayer7 is now parting. Let’s
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Experts Weigh In on Cybersecurity Risks of Capitol-Like Attacks

Hundreds of protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday just as the House and Senate were certifying the election victory of Joe Biden. While much of the focus was on the physical destruction caused by the protesters, many people have pointed out that rioters gained access to computers in the Capitol, which in some cases were still turned on and logged
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Cybersecurity Ethics: Establishing a Code for Your SOC

Since security intersects so much with privacy, cybersecurity ethics decisions should be on your mind at work.  Being part of a high-performing computer security incident response team (CSIRT) or security operations center (SOC) involves making big, intentional decisions. Increasing the maturity of your team is more than dropping a bag of shiny n
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How Working From Home Has Changed Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Some of the most surprising news coming out of 2020 — a year when it seemed like there was a major breaking story every day — is the number of data breaches decreased during the first nine months of the year.  This is the exact opposite of what experts expected. The security concerns as millions of workers moved from on-site to a remote wor
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