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Current and Future Hacks and Attacks that Threaten Esports

by Mayra Rosario Fuentes and Fernando Mercês Esports has evolved from niche entertainment into a highly lucrative industry. Growing ad revenue and sponsorships allow the tournaments to grow; and as the tournaments grow, the prize pool grows as well. Of course, growing popularity and increased funds open up the entities involved to cybercriminals looking for
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Inside the German cybercriminal underground

Trend Micro investigated on German crime forums and concluded that Germany possesses the most advanced cybercrime ecosystem in the European Union. We have reported several times the news related to various criminal cybercriminal underground underground communities in the wild, such as American underground, the Russian undergro
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Out in the Open: Accessibility in the North American Underground

By Kyle Wilhoit and Stephen Hilt In our exploration of the different cybercriminal underground markets, we often note that these black markets are often hard to infiltrate, or even find in the first place. It takes a specific set of skills and knowledge to be able to get inside these underground economies. But not the North American underground. Unlike its c
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Prototype Nation: Emerging Innovations in Cybercriminal China

Cybercrime doesn’t wait for anything or anyone. Two years after publishing our last report on the wares and services traded in the bustling Chinese underground, we found that the market’s operations have further expanded. From traditional malware, Chinese cybercriminals are now looking toward newer innovations and technologies to boost their operations. The
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Attack of the Solo Cybercriminals – Frapstar in Canada

By now cybercrime has become the fastest growing criminal enterprise of the 21st century, run by efficient organizations with great professionalism. Today, news headlines are mostly about large-scale breaches orchestrated by large criminal syndicates. But smaller one-man operations can be equally devastating to the unwitting home users and businesses. This r
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