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15 Easy, Effective Ways to Start Winning Back Your Online Privacy

Someone recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, and I had to think about it for a few minutes. I certainly don’t need any more stuff. However, if I could name one gift that would make me absolutely giddy, it would be getting a chunk of my privacy back. Like most people, the internet knows way too much about me — my age, address, phone
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'Attor' Cyber-Espionage Platform Used in Attacks Aimed at Russia

A recently uncovered highly targeted cyber-espionage platform that uses Tor for network communication has remained under the radar for at least six years, ESET reports.Referred to as Attor, due to the use of a GSM plugin that leverages the AT command protocol and the use of the Tor network, the espionage operation only hit a few dozen victims during the peri
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Magecart Attack on eCommerce Platform Hits Thousands of Online Shops

Magecart hackers have been gathering sensitive information from thousands of online shops after compromising top ecommerce platform and service provider Volusion.Over the past month, starting September 7, the hackers’ online credit card skimmers were active on 3,126 online shops hosted on Volusion, Trend Micro’s security researchers report.One of the website
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Ransomware Attacks 'Getting Bolder': Europol

Global ransomware attacks are on the decline, but such malicious cyber strikes are getting bolder and homing in on more profitable companies, with data encryption a key target, Europe's police agency said Wednesday.Europol said it was also concerned by the rise of so-called "self-generated explicit material" produced by underaged children who then share sexu
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Singaporean Indicted in U.S. for Illegal Crypto-Mining

A citizen of Singapore has been charged in the United States for a large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation performed using stolen identity and credit card information.The 14-count indictment alleges that the man, Ho Jun Jia, also known as Matthew Ho, 29, ran the illegal crypto-mining scheme between October 2017 and February 2018, following the increase i
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Email Attacks Using Cloud Services are Increasing

An analysis of more than 2.2 billion emails between April and June (Q2) 2019 exposes the current tactics, techniques and targets of contemporary attackers. FireEye's latest email threat update highlights three specific themes: attackers are following business in making greater use of the cloud; Microsoft is by far the most abused brand in phishing attac
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Magecart Group Tied to Cobalt Hackers

Security researchers were able to link one of the hacking groups operating under the Magecart umbrella to the infamous threat actor known as the Cobalt Group.Magecart hackers made it into the spotlight last year, after the high-profile breaches at Ticketmaster, British Airways, and Newegg, but they have been active for at least a decade, RiskIQ says.There ar
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Stay Smart Online Week 2019

Let’s Reverse the Threat of Identity Theft!! Our online identities are critical. In fact, you could argue that they are our single most unique asset. Whether we are applying for a job, a mortgage or even starting a new relationship, keeping our online identity protected, secure and authentic is essential. This week is Stay Smart Online Week in Australia R
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New Campaign Targets Drupalgeddon2 Flaw to Install Malware

Hackers continue to target the Drupal vulnerability named Drupalgeddon2 to install malware onto unpatched systems, Akamai’s security researchers have discovered.Tracked as CVE-2018-7600, the security flaw impacts Drupal versions 6, 7 and 8. The bug was addressed in March 2018, with the first attacks targeting it spotted only several weeks later, attempting t
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Moe's, McAlister's, Schlotzsky's Restaurants Hit by Payment Card Breach

Restaurant chains Moe’s Southwest Grill, McAlister’s Deli, and Schlotzsky’s were hit earlier this year by a payment card breach that has impacted hundreds of locations.It appears that cybercriminals managed to steal information associated with payment cards used at the affected restaurants by installing a piece of malware designed to search for and harvest p
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Zendesk Discloses Old Data Breach Affecting 10,000 Accounts

Customer support company Zendesk revealed on Wednesday that it has become aware of a security incident impacting thousands of accounts activated before November 2016.Zendesk says its customer support platform is used by 145,000 entities across 160 countries and territories, but the firm claims the 2016 data breach impacted only around 10,000 Support and Chat
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MasterMana Campaign Combines Stealth, Free Services and Old Malware

An ongoing cybercrime campaign that started as early as December 2018, has avoided widespread detection through a combination of stealth tactics and hiding in plain sight. Called MasterMana, the threat is sufficiently sophisticated to avoid automatic detections during infection, but not so sophisticated that it attracts the eye of the APT threat hu
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NZ Sports Store Apologises Over Porn Played on Big Screens

The New Zealand arm of Japanese sports brand Asics has apologised after pornography was broadcast on large television screens above its central Auckland store for several hours, startling Sunday morning shoppers.Pornography played on the retailer's outdoor screens for up to nine hours -- until staff arrived at the shop around 10am on Sunday and switched them
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Iranian Official Denies Plans to Interfere With US Election

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is denying his country would interfere with the upcoming U.S. presidential election and says his government doesn’t have a preference in the race.In an interview to air Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Zarif also accuses the U.S. of initiating a cyberwar with his country and warns that “any war the United States
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Ransomware Hits Hundreds of US Schools, Local Governments: Study

Hundreds of US municipalities, schools and health organizations have been hit by ransomware in 2019, leading to massive service disruptions, researchers said Tuesday.The security firm Emsisoft said at least 621 government entities, healthcare providers and school districts, colleges and universities were affected by ransomware in the first nine months of 201
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